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Yesterday has announced that the release date of the online learning management system (LMS) will be ready in the mid-May. The online LMS will help schools and parents track progress and monitor the success of iTutor’s programs at the administrative level, at the same time providing an engaging experience for students.

It will bridge the gap between what students need to know and what administrators and parents want to know.

After unveiling the new look and feel for its website in February this year, iTutor has a beat in the ongoing development of its online tutoring platform.

The iTutor LMS will focus on the key aspects of learning and integrate educational reporting, exam creation and management, as well as a social media platform for communication between tutors and students, and much more.

How it works?

They teach the students through a virtual classroom that is simply unmatched. Their classroom has an embedded whiteboard, built-in video and voice chat, image uploading, file sharing and much more. This revolutionary method of online teaching enables students to receive quality lessons from certified and highly experienced tutors from the comfort of their home, dorm room or anywhere an internet connection is available. Students using iTutor are guaranteed to excel or your money back.

The unveiling of this learning management system has been more than welcomed and anticipated by the various schools and districts already using the online tutoring platform.

As the widespread acceptance of the iTutor online tutoring platform for school districts grows, iTutor has found the increasing need of an LMS solution for the administrative reporting purposes. School districts will have the option to track each students’ progress, how long they have spent on a particular exam question, and print progress reports based on data that they choose to extract from the system.

From the new iTutor LMS every student can log-in and receive an online tutoring session, schedule his/her next tutoring session, view quiz and exam grades, earn reward points, and much more.

The Learning Management System is something that until now has not been offered by any online education company. This will surely set iTutor apart from the competition and will be a useful tutorial tool for the students and a release for the parents.

Employing mostly certified educators for the daily instruction of its students, iTutor’s already robust online tutoring platform will be backed by one of the most feature rich LMS systems available on the Internet.

The learning management system is designed to keep the students engaged in their studies, while giving administrators and parents the tools and reporting they need to achieve their goals with.

iTutor’s educational programs are original and innovative way of supporting the every day learning tasks of the students on their daily homework and lessons in math, social studies, science, language arts and languages.

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About iTutor, Inc.:

Headquartered in New York, iTutor Inc. is a team of highly seasoned professionals with over a decade of distance learning expertise. They have created the premiere online tutoring platform, with the programs that unlock and optimize the learning potential of students from all over the world. iTutor bridges the gap between technology and education, helping students of all ages and education levels achieve their educational goals.


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