instaGrok: new innovative way to learn

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Research, customize and share!

instaGrok is an educational search engine for students and teachers provides kinds of resources on a keyword via videos, images, websites, and quizzes.

What is it used for:

  • Educational search engine
  • Resources on a particular topic
  • Online research and curation tool

In order to get started, you need to sign up with instaGrok, with a role of teacher, student or general. With a Teachers’ account, you have to create a unique class code, in order that others can use that code to connect with the class. Educators can sign up via Edmodo.

Searching any material on instaGrok, instaGrok displays the context of any topic in a dynamic, visual web that comprises of important concepts and relationships. It breaks down the search results into different types: key facts, websites, photos, videos, images, quizzes and glossary. User can click on more to find more if they would like to find their search in websites.

The interface allows the user to search for anything he or she needs to and then lets them scale the difficulty of the results by moving a slider. After login to the instaGrok you can track and record the research into your journal.

If you sign up with a code for a specific class, then teacher can view and comment on students’ journals. Educators can personalize their graph by pinning artifacts and websites to journals that can be both useful to the students and the teachers. With these built-in journals educators can develop their research based learning skills. Educator can further share their customized journals or search maps, along with pinned items and notes written. Creation of the user account is free, whereas the teachers’ account costs USD35

instaGrok represents an intuitive, interactive and intelligent educational search engine that improves educator’s research and curation skills by exploring deep in details on any topic. It is easy to use, and any educator can search topic for which instaGrok provides more refine and sub topics associated with that topic.

instaGrok retrieves information from around the web, by allowing the users to learn from the resources associated with particular keyword on the right panel. It displays concept definitions and the relationships between concepts in the left column. By providing ways for teacher to share their customized journals and URL with students, for better collaborative learning, the user can pin information to their journals to keep track of sites they’ve visited along with what they’ve learned there.

There are useful built in quizzes where the user can test their knowledge after learning from multiple sources. Teacher can see the details of the quiz questions answered by each student and their answers as well.

instaGrok is a good search tool for any educator who is new to topics or is looking to learn extra from the designed curriculum.

Here is the instruction on How to use it (training videos): UK know kids

The brochure can be downloaded at :Brochure instaGrok