In-door universities’ lectures will be replaced by distance learning

Standard university classes will be replaced by distance learning

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – free online courses offered by prestigious universities are getting more popular. The privileged students can no longer have the exclusivity of hearing the best professors. It was about time, most of the people eager to learn – would say!

It seems that the high tuitions paid for the top universities are no longer sufficient for the professors. They would like to have a wider audience, more diversity in the class in respect to the students’ background, as well as the challenge to surmount the new technology teaching curriculums.

With the opening of the top universities for distance learning the less competitive ones will have to rethink about their future curriculum, quality of teachers and enrollment procedures.

With the enrolling of tens of thousands pupils at the free courses offered at Harvard, MIT and Stanford, online education has enhanced the reputation and increased the level of competence for online learning. The low rated or not seriously considered degrees by the HR Departments, will now have to reconsider when evaluation potential candidate CV.

Traditional universities will be suffering from gradual leakage of student to ones that will enroll to online studies. The middle rated or low rated educational institutions will be most affected. If a student was enrolling in these institutions, because he or she did not have the funds to study at the top world recognized ones, this will change-in positive sense, both for the student and for the top universities.

The online educational programs will affect the following areas:

  1. Vocational qualifications: In the areas where there is no need to demonstrate mastery for compliance purposes. Online courses will overpower the traditional courses. Adults that need smoothing of the skills, upgrading of qualifications or refreshment of the knowledge will prefer the distance learning option because of the well known benefits the distance learning brings: ease of access, convenience of learning and low or no expenses to learn the needed.

  2. Postgraduate studies: These courses are most usually taken by pupils who are already working, have home obligations with their families and have stretched budget. Gaining additional Master or Doctors degree through online classes will fit them as a glove. The benefit of having flexible educational improvement of skills, at the most famous educational institutions is a wish come true, for this group of postgraduate students.

  3. Courses: There is always something new to be learned, some old skill to be refreshed. This is how a wise person would think. With the opportunity of have the numerous courses online, this is more affordable then ever.

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