Advance your career through further education


A great way to advance your career can often be through exploring a further education qualification. Moving from employment back to university or college can be a tricky task and requires a few important considerations. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your CV is best suited for further education.

Choosing the right course

You might have finished school early or maybe you are looking to gain some fresh new skills. It is important not to rush your choice and pick a course that is personally engaging so you remain interested while still keeping it practical for the long-term work opportunities you are aiming for.

Which university or college?

It is best practice to look as far a field as possible when searching for a further education institution so you can select the top university for your course. Comparison tables can be found online to help you compare based on student reviews and course results.

Tailor your CV

When applying for your course you will often be asked to include a copy of your CV with your application. It will be vital your CV relates to further education and convinces your chosen university or college that you are going to be a suitable and reliable candidate for further education. Emphasize the fact you wish to advance your career and enjoy participating in further training in the work environment. There are often limited places on courses and intense competition for openings. Specialist CV writing services can help tailor your CV for any specific course.

Distance learning

The Open University offers >flexible distance based learning for people who either can’t attend a university or need to work it around other work or family commitments. Providing first-class teaching in a flexible learning environment means anyone can get a new qualification if they want.

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