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It is a well proven fact that students can succeed in math, no matter where they start, where they live, or who they are. At the same time every teacher, principal, and parent wants the children in their care to realize this potential. However, every child must be challenged, encouraged, and engaged in her or his own way.

DreamBox Learning, has developed the adaptive learning technology that can change the paradigm of learning. They have integrating individualized instruction with continuous embedded assessment, with a rigorous curriculum presented in an engaging, motivating way.
The DreamBox adaptive learning platform is the unique product that has the power to deliver millions of different learning paths, whereas each and every one of them is tailored to the student’s specific learning needs and level of comprehension. The results from using DreamBox is an effective, engaging, and highly individualized learning environment for every student.

Core beliefs of DreamBox’s vision:
• Children persist in learning when engaged, challenged and having fun.
• Students are teachers, as well as learners, who should be able to drive their own progress.
• Teachers need support for differentiating instruction to a broader range of learners.
• To thrive as life-long learners, a mastery of math concepts and problem-solving skills is requested.

The future depends on helping the next generation learn how to learn. DreamBox Learning goals towards having all students exceed their own and others’ expectations. This can be achieved with the right learning environment, adapted to each child’s unique skills and needs.

With DreamBox, every child can think like a mathematician!

DreamBox learning math is used to empower students to master key concepts, increase achievement, accelerate student learning, and boost long-lasting confidence in math. All kids, even the struggling learners, can become mathematicians.
Is this really possible? Yes, it is. DreamBox combines the three essential elements that accelerate student learning. They include the industry-leading intelligent adaptive learning technology, that delivers millions of individualized learning paths for personalized learning beginning from the highest level, a rigorous Pre-K to Grade 5 math curriculum, using industry-best virtual manipulative tools for deep conceptual understanding and a highly engaging, student directed and game-like learning environment that motivates kids to persist and excel.

The Essential elements used to accelerate learning

It is a fact that the Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology is the key to accelerate the students’ learning. The power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths, tailors every math lesson to meet a student’s unique need. The DreamBox adaptive online learning environment ensures that students work in their optimal learning zone. It is created to recognizes more than just their ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, all with every click of the mouse. So, the click of the mouse evaluates student strategies and immediately adjusts the lesson. DreamBox can also adapt the level of difficulty, scaffolding, sequencing, and the number of hints, the pacing. This is all done in real-time, allowing students of all levels to progress at a pace that suits them.

Various math instruction to meet the needs of every learner

The rigorous Pre-K to Grade 5 math curriculum effectively teaches curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards. In it the lessons are aligned to the Common Core and they use industry-best virtual manipulatives, for deep thinking and true conceptual understanding.

The comprehensive reporting tools at the district and school level track student’s proficiency and progress against CCSS, TEKS, SOL, WNCP and the Ontario curriculum.

The engaging learning environment that is also a lot of fun!

Creating an experience that captures the student’s imagination and attention is just as important as an intelligent adaptive engine or an alignment to the Common Core. DreamBox has built two immersive environments (primary and intermediate) that personalize learning with games and themes that turn lessons into adventures. Students show their work with unique virtual manipulatives, encouraging them to explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking.

DreamBox Learning’s online educational games make learning math both entertaining and effective.

There is a deep math learning curriculum:
• over 1000 lessons in the curriculum
• lessons developing computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving ability
• built around the Common Core State Standards. (Read more about our educational curriculum.)

DreamBox adapts to each child:
• the adaptive learning looks beyond right or wrong answers, assessing a student’s strategy.
• it assesses the speed of giving the reply
• it gives the extra incorrect hints in gaining the right answer
• based on the data above, the GuideRight™ technology adapts the lesson, the difficulty, the number and type of hints given, the pacing, sequence, and much more.
• Lessons are placed throughout the adventures assess students’ knowledge (they can skip what they know and focus on what they’re ready to learn.)
• DreamBox Learning provides millions of different paths through the deveoped curriculum.

Parents’ dashboard

Family involvement is important to a child’s success in school. This is why the DreamBox Parent Dashboard is providing a detailed real-time view of the child’s academic and story progress. There is an option to e-mail parents about significant academic milestones their children has achieve in the lesson games. Some e-mails include a Certificate of Achievement, as well as and parents’ tips for family activities to reinforce the lessons learned.

With the Progress’ Snapshot, parents get a quick look at what the child is learning , by having insight into:
• The overall progress: how much of the math curriculum your child is currently working in, how much your child has completed and skipped, and how much it has to learn.
• Academics: what math’s concepts is your child is currently learning.
• The amount of time that your child has spent playing.
For parents who want more detail, DreamBox provides a page dedicated to each child with a more detailed academic progress report and view of the curriculum.

The Parent Dashboard gives you access to all of your account settings. As a part of our commitment to support parents who want to be involved in their children’s education, we offer parent tips and resources through blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google +
The results from computer-based systems using adaptive technology approximate those from human tutoring. This is why savvy teachers are now offering technology-enabled “personal tutors” – or Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology to their students.

So, what makes this type of adaptive learning technology so intelligent?
• Intelligent analysis of a student’s solutions.
• Interactive problem solving support.
• Curriculum sequencing.
• Multiple learning experiences.
• Customized presentation and pace.

DreamBox’s Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ is the engine that revolutionizes how students learn math through a rigorous curriculum,
motivating learning environments, and its truly intelligent and adaptive engine.
By having the power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths, DreamBox can tailor every math lesson to meet a student’s unique needs in their optimal learning zone.

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