Income opportunities for writers – don’t quit your full time job


Some writers like to make writing their own profession while others simply enjoy writing as a hobby. If you want to make money off your writing, but you don’t want to quit your day job, you should consider partaking in some of the following.

Become a guest blogger

Do you have knowledge in a certain industry or on a certain topic? Can you be considered an industry expert? If so, you can find popular blogs related to your industry and offer up yourself as a guest blogger. Depending on the blog, you may receive a decent amount of money for taking the time to craft a great guest blog for their site, and the blog can help expand your reach as an industry expert, which always looks great on resumes.

Find small freelance projects

Freelance writers can make a decent amount of money on one project, so if you want to write and get paid for it, consider taking on some freelance jobs. You can always try to find the work yourself through your own networking, or you can join popular freelance writing sites like or, which help connect freelance writers with available jobs. Plus, the nice thing about these sites is that you can pick and choose which jobs to apply for and which ones to accept, so you can easily take on the jobs that fit best with your schedule.

Become a contributing writer

There are websites out there that are constantly looking for contributing writers to add to their database. Contributing writers typically have minimum monthly requirements that would allow you to continue working your full time job. Sites like and compensate their contributing writers, so you can look into writing short blurbs about topics you know and add them to these sites.

Write an e-book

The popularity of ebooks is increasing, and if you have information to share or a story to tell, you should consider writing and publishing an ebook. Amazon allows you to publish your e-book through their own website, and you can determine the price for your work. For example, you can opt to have people buy your work for as low as $0.99, or you can make it higher. You will then earn a portion of that money for every sale.

Self publish a book

While many people write a book without working, there’s no rule that says you have to. If you’ve always wanted to write and publish a book, you can do so in your spare time while still working. Thanks to self publishing, you can now write a book on your own time and then either pay your own money to have it published or invest in print on demand publishing, which will only publish a hard copy of your book when a purchase is made. This way, you don’t have to spend a fortune on printing books and hoping to earn the money back through sales. Instead, you will only pay for the printing of books that are purchased, which ensures you continue to make a profit.

Self publishing is better for writers that want to continue working because they don’t have to adhere to rules, guidelines and timelines provided by the publishing company.

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