The best degrees to earn online

You probably already heard that gaining an online degree is an excellent idea if you want to pursue a higher education but don’t have a lot of spare time to do so. It’s true that an online degree program is convenient and flexible, especially for those non-traditional students who have other commitments and simply can’t dedicate a lot of time and attention to being away from home and work.

So, what are some of the best online degree programs and why are they ideal to study online?

1. Accounting
If you love working with numbers and have a head for figures then accounting might be a good career option for you. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is a very popular online degree at the moment and one that is easy to study for online since many tools used in the career are already employed on the computer to begin with. Some of the computer programs that let bookkeepers and accountants analyze financial data, such as spreadsheet software, are easily learned through online programs.

In an online accounting degree you might learn how to be a general bookkeeper or accountant. You might also learn about tax law and how to prepare tax returns. Some people use their degrees to become auditors, bookkeepers, or certified public accountants.

2. Healthcare administration
It is expected that the healthcare field will just continue to grow over the next few years, maybe faster than any other field. Although nursing is an important field and many jobs will be created within it, there are other jobs within healthcare that will be added as well.

As new healthcare facilities open up, administration roles will need to be filled. As a result, qualified people will be needed to fill these roles. An online training program in healthcare administration will teach students about managing such a facility-everything from a nursing home to a rehabilitation center. In addition to learning about grants, law, and labor laws, you might also learn about Medicare and Medicaid practices.

3. Computer sciences
There are still plenty of degrees in computer sciences to be found and more will open up in the future as technology continues to grow. An online degree program in computer sciences is ideal since when you study computer science online you’re already using the medium in which you’ll be working.

A degree in computer science can be valuable in teaching you real life skills that will be helpful in your future career. Some skills you might count on learning include computer design, graphic design, Java, programming, or troubleshooting techniques.

4. Public health
Like healthcare administration, jobs in public health are expected to balloon in the future. As a result, this is a degree that should offer more job choices and is a good program to pursue online. Many students choose to pursue a master’s degree in public health which allows them to study health issues that affect not only the country but the rest of the world.

When you study public health online, you get the opportunity to interact with students from all over the country which offers students the chance to communicate with others from different geographic peer groups and locations. This can be eye-opening and energizing, especially to students who don’t often get the chance to interact with those from outside of their region. Subject matters that might be covered include epidemiology, preventive medicine, biostatistics, health services, and government health services.

Naturally, there are other online degree programs that can also be beneficial for the student who wishes to pursue a higher education as well.

Additional popular options include graphic design, psychology, human resources, and business administration.

Do you have any other degrees that you can add to the list? Tell us in the comments section.

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