5 careers for adult students

Any adult considering returning to school to further their educations will not be alone. Many older adults return to study at a community college or university after working a job, participating in the military or raising a family. While many adults want to return to college to receive a bachelor’s degree to increase job opportunities, there are also educational programs that require less time.


Many industries are desperate to hire knowledgeable engineers with scientific and mathematical expertise. Students learning about engineering enroll in bachelor’s degree programs at universities for four years to study physics and calculus. Most students also participate in practical experiences at on-site locations such as construction projects.

Social Worker

Numerous government and private agencies need professional social workers to assist clients with personal issues. Students will attend college for a minimum of four years to receive a bachelor’s degree. Students study courses in psychology and sociology in addition to working in agencies to learn social worker skills.

Medical Assistant

If working in a health care field has always been your dream, then medical assisting is an excellent choice. Working as a medical assistant is a fantastic job for people who are able to multitask. Anyone working as a medical assistant is required to work with patients and laboratory specimens. The duration of medical assistant school is two years or less, leading to an associate degree or certificate.


Anyone who loves to prepare meals at home for family and friends can become a professional chef. Students attend a community college or culinary school to receive training. A student will learn about food chemistry and how foods are grown in a one year or longer educational program. In addition to learning in a traditional classroom, students work in commercial kitchens and restaurants.


Every business requires an expert to keep track of financial records such as payroll or taxes. Modern accountants must understand how to use both computer software and paper methods to maintain a company’s records. Students attend a brick-and-mortar or online university to become a certified accountant.

Other different educational programs

Adults returning to school can choose to attend an educational program that is intensive, requiring full-time attendance. Alternatively, it is also possible to find part-time programs that are more suitable for someone raising a family or working a job. About the Author: My name is Lizzie Weakley and I am a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. I went to college at The Ohio State University where I studied communications. I enjoy the outdoors and long walks in the park with my 3-year-old husky Snowball. If you like Lizzie’s writing style, follow her on Twitter @LizzieWeakley or find her on Facebook at

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