Why colleges should keep ESL courses?

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] For years, English language courses have had an important role in colleges and universities. Today, some schools have started referring to ESL students as non-native speakers of English instead. In any case, several reasons exist as to why colleges should keep these English language courses.

Learning English as a second language

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”]   There are instructors in schools all around the world currently teaching children and adults English as a second language. These classes are sometimes included as part of a degree program. This is because so many institutions and businesses have adopted English as the central language for communication between members. Understanding English as… Continue reading Learning English as a second language

Changing the world

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” —Albert Einstein Stage of life, has introduced its new library resources section in its effort to encourage more teens and college students to utilize their local libraries.a What it is about? In the striving efforts to support the evolution of… Continue reading Changing the world

6 Key points for finding high-quality academic software

The field of education has a reputation for never having a ceiling when it comes to the amount of information one can receive. With technology continuing to advance, the number of digital instruments has greatly increased the amount of platforms on which both teachers and students can exchange information. As these devices begin to influence… Continue reading 6 Key points for finding high-quality academic software

Reading in English can be complicated for kids who are just beginning to learn the language, but it can be an obstacle for ones who begin learning English as a second language.

Below you will see the 5 pillars of reading instruction for focusing on the most important aspects of reading.

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Cambridge English TV

If you would like to improve your English language skills and sound like a native speaker Cambridge has developed a series of educative and very easy to follow video tutorial on their YouTube channel, called Cambridge English TV Created by top professional educators, learning English has never been easier or more interesting.

Not just another language acquisition lesson!

K-12 Reading Specialist Ana Adams, tells us that her experience tells her that with the support of parents, caregivers, early childhood educators, and with exposure to a literacy-rich environment, children progress from emergent to conventional reading. With interaction through reading aloud and conversation, children are exposed to learning early. In this process, it is very important… Continue reading Not just another language acquisition lesson!