Learning English as a second language

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There are instructors in schools all around the world currently teaching children and adults English as a second language. These classes are sometimes included as part of a degree program. This is because so many institutions and businesses have adopted English as the central language for communication between members. Understanding English as a second language provides students with a number of advantages in the modern world.


One of the most popular reasons that people around the world are learning English as a second language is because it has become the language of international commerce. English provides a common way to communicate between employees, companies and countries that would otherwise have a language barrier. Learning English also provides more employment opportunities since it will be possible to work for international companies that open offices or manufacturing plants in different countries. Employees who speak English as well as another language are generally considered very valuable to companies across many different industries.


Learning English as a second language has many benefits for people who will be traveling regularly. The number of travelers from native English-speaking countries is very high in locations all around the world. Individuals who understand how to speak English will be able to communicate with officials, guides, taxi drivers and hotel staff in nearly any country. The ability to read English will also help. Countries that are popular tourist destinations frequently have English subtitles on important signs. This makes is much easier to navigate through city streets, to locate a store or to understand posted regulations.


Learning English as a second language becomes important for individuals who are pursuing a higher education. English has become one of the most common languages for the publication of scientific journals and papers. Many different concepts in fields like medicine, information technology and engineering are based on English words and roots. Understanding English will make a much wider array of educational and technical resources available to students. Additionally, students who learn the language will have a wide range of postsecondary and graduate schools to choose from since it will be possible to attend universities in English-speaking countries.


Many people in countries around the world learn English as a second language in order to meet immigration requirements. Some countries that have English as the official or dominant language will administer language tests to people applying for citizenship. These tests require a person to have the language skills necessary to accurately speak, understand and read English. This is important because immigrants who cannot speak English in these countries will have difficulty finding work and contributing to the local economy. Speaking English also makes it easier to become part of the community and to learn the culture of the area.


A large amount of entertainment is produced by the English-speaking world. Some countries that do not have large English-speaking populations regularly produce shows and movies in English. A person who learns the language will be able to enjoy a wide range of television shows, movies, video games and music created in English. It will even help with films in unknown languages since production companies often dub films in English when exporting movies outside the original country.

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