10 Apps for management students that can make your life easy


“I want to pursue MBA”. A very enthusiastic statement given by a majority of students as they aspire to become professionals. Management studies are like a hot selling cake offering diverse career delights to students all over the world. A degree in demand opening doors for a bright future ahead. Studying management, be it business management, finance management, or IT management you inculcate the ethics of leadership and become influencers in the society. Every distinguished organization hires an MBA who is responsible for the company’s growth.

Such celebrated is this stream but being management students, you face a lot of challenges to cope up with the vast syllabus. You struggle to manage your time effectively, to make numerous presentations every day, and emerge as potential managers in the making. Not to worry anymore. The upgraded technology has a solution to all your problems today. Your mobile phone is the saviour in this digital world. What you need to do is just download a few applications on your phone and make your life easier.

Here we bring you the most successfully launched apps for management students that can prove to be a boon in their stressful life.


Cloud computing is magic. Now you don’t need to store files in hard disks or pen drives. You don’t need to panic if your computer crashes down. Dropbox is the ultimate storage device that gives easy access to your files from anywhere and anytime. You can save, edit, and store multiple files in Dropbox and share it at any moment. This is a completely secure, reliable, and cross-platform app.

The Decision App

A management student must be extraordinary at SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. We often get stuck in situations where we are unable to take prompt decisions. The Decision app lets you rationalize your thinking skills by transforming them into graphs and visuals. The app uses different business model templates to channel your decisions. You can edit and share the finished model either as a picture or a PDF document.


Gone are the days when we used a pen and pencil in the classrooms. You have to speed up to maintain every minute detail of the class. Download Evernote on your phone and scribble every word that your professor says. This app also allows you to take pictures of presentations and upload them. The tagging facility helps you to differentiate notes subject-wise. Missed an important class? Well with Evernote, you can request your friend to share the notes via e-mail or even on your social media account. Students also opt for assignment help online to seek expert guidance who provide the management students appropriate notes of their subject. These business school specialists help the students in writing their project work, assignments, dissertations, and also formulate the business plans. If you feel difficulty in understanding the classroom notes, these management experts will simplify the notes for you and make your learning easy.


For management students, preparing a business plan can be monotonous and tiresome. Elevatr is the one-stop app to organize and execute all your thoughts into a business plan. It is a note taking app giving shape to your young ideas and making it a reality. You can share your thoughts, and the app breaks them down into business categories like target market, productivity, Brand marketing etc. Elevatr is for those students who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.


The perfect task organizer app allowing you to customize your to-do list and also assigning work to others in the group. With this app, you can keep a complete track of your projects from the beginning. This eases your load to remember what work has been done, what needs to be done, and what work requires delegation. This is a board-based solo or group study app.


To be good managers you need to communicate well. Skype is a well-known app that you can download on your phone and interact with your friends, classmates, or professors anywhere. It is better than texting because it not only provides group messaging facility but also has the video calling feature. The video calling enables you to connect in person to people who live distantly and have a busy schedule.

Google Calendar

This is a unique app by Google that helps you to remember meetings and lectures on time. A reminder could be set for all the important dates and events on the calendar. It solves your problem of remembering too many activities at a time. You can also share your calendar with people and even sync it with other apps.


Numbers are always scary. For management students who are pursuing finance and accountancy, Quickbooks is your friend in managing all your financial data and show you graphically where your money is going. It is a great app for group projects. Better than excel, Quickbooks can also be a great help once you enter the job market.


A strong networking is one skill you should be excellent at while studying management. CardMunch is a great app to store contacts on your phone. Just click a picture of the visiting card and the entire printed information will be automatically stored in your phonebook. Since this app is now owned by LinkedIn, you’ll also see the person’s LinkedIn account. What a better way to connect. After all, a manager should be known around.


We all need rejuvenation. Some break from studies is a must. Open your phone and stream through Netflix to dive into the pool of movies, songs, and documentaries. Do use it wisely.

Dear students, you have chosen a wonderful field to study. In your journey of management studies, you would exhibit eminent leadership attributes. These apps would definitely enhance your skills and assist you in the overall making. If you use technology responsibly, it will only increase your awareness and make you more productive.


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