How to get your bachelor’s degree faster?


After graduating from high school, most tend to enter the workforce immediately or make their way to a two or four-year college to receive their Bachelor’s degree. Some end up going to college for even longer to receive their Master’s or PhD. It really depends on the person in question and their preferences and goals. Most people are happy to receive a Bachelor’s in their preferred topic and industry, but even a Bachelor’s degree can be costly and take a lot of time to acquire. If you find yourself losing motivation to complete school, use some of these tips to make the time in school go faster.

Plan your work
Most students entering college take at least one class they do not require in order to graduate. Taking classes that are completely unrelated to your major can be a wonderful way to break up the monotony in your learning and expand your horizons. However, those looking to acquire their degree, as fast as possible should solely focus on classes required to receive a degree. Avoid any unrelated classes, as they will only bog down your time. Many students will write out an action plan or study plan to keep track of their target goals. Remain in contact with your academic advisor, as often as possible, to keep on track to graduation.

Transfer credits
If you have previously attended another college, do not let those transfer credits go unused. Many schools will accept your transfer equivalencies where applicable which can significantly reduce the cost of your degree and how long it takes to acquire it. Each school generally has an office or administration dedicated to handling transfer credits and requests. Utilize this service to see how much you can save when attending a new school. Some institutions like Chatfield College even offer a third-year option, where students who already have an associates, can transition to a bachelors program.

Skip a minor
Many students opt to acquire a minor along with their major. This can be useful in some cases, but most would advise you to skip the minor entirely to acquire your degree in the fastest way possible. Most people will not use their minor once they graduate, it just looks good at the time. Dropping your minor classes could save an entire semester of work. Unless your minor is critical to your field or would bring obvious benefits, avoid it.

There are ways to increase the speed at which you acquire a degree. Some students do not pay attention to their options, or do not speak with their academic advisor nearly enough. Let them know your intentions beforehand and see places where you can save extra time and money.

Author: Brooke Chaplan

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