Algorithms are the playgrounds of the future

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Math is cool because nothing defines cool better than success.

The world has come a long way since the time of the Greeks. Then the Persians and Arabs kept the wheels of math algorithms turning, while western nations wallowed in the Dark Ages.

However, in the twentieth century things really began to speed up. Thanks to IBM and Apple, Microsoft and others who were working towards a brighter future. Algorithms now define almost everything around us. Watch the movie “A Beautiful Mind” if you do not agree.

When the Internet took over from what ARPANET has started the genie was out of the bottle. Bright young minds found better ways of doing things. They devised user interfaces that made sense to the average person. Then came what may have been the ultimate algorithm revelation. The ability to search and share from the totality of mans knowledge in less than a few seconds has changed everything, absolutely and totally every thing about our lives. A person can but marvel about what is yet to come. And this is all because of geeky mathematical algorithms.

An infographic by the team at www.College Degree