The first social learning network

Finally the educators got their first social learning network!

The Career College Lounge is the first social learning network dedicated to career college professionals, that has attracted over 40,000 members from faculty, management and staff of private sector colleges and universities who look to social learning to enhance work performance, institutional effectiveness and student outcomes.

Being powered and sponsored by MaxKnowledge, the leading employee training provider for the career college sector of higher education, The Lounge provides a virtual environment for career college professionals to learn from each other.

Dr. Amir Moghadam, CEO of MaxKnowledge explains: “The rapid growth of The Lounge demonstrates that career college professionals are seeking lifelong learning and self-improvement opportunities to advance their knowledge, performance and careers. Additionally, our sector’s passion for student success is genuinely apparent throughout The Lounge.”

Sam Ariabod, Vice President of Technology at MaxKnowledge says:“The Lounge is a social learning site, not to be confused with the widespread social networking sites. Specifically designed for the career education community, The Lounge incorporates a variety of proven social learning tools and applications to improve performance both at the individual and organizational level.

Robert Starks Jr., Vice President of Learning Initiatives at MaxKnowledge adds: ”Because of technology, the benefits of social learning no longer have to be limited by time and physical space. When you join an online community of thousands of career college professionals, you realize just how much can be learned from the diverse experience and expertise of the community members.”

The Lounge is a vibrant community of career college professionals wanting to connect, collaborate, share and learn. You can join your colleagues from across the globe, who are sharing best practices and useful resources, discussing important issues, and learning from one another’s unique experience on a daily basis. as a faculty, staff or administrator for free.

About MaxKnowledge

MaxKnowledge, the chosen employee training provider for over 1,500 ceree college and universities represents both traditional and online institutions. It has a decade of experience and over 150 online courses, and has become the leading provider of professional development and continuing education opportunities for career college personnel. Over 25 educational associations have partnered with MaxKnowledge in order to provide online training services to their member schools.

The Center for Excellence in Education is MaxKnowledge’s strategic partnership, together with the Imagine America Foundation. They provide turnkey employee development solutions with a proven return on investment as independently reported by the ROI Institute®. MaxKnowledge, the proud creator of The Career College Lounge, is an online learning community of over 40,000 career college professionals. You can learn more For more at MaxKnowledge and Career college lounge

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