Who is responsible for school bullying?

The media tends to glamorize incidents that are extreme in nature and lack rationalization. One hot topic issue that has been trending in legal circles is bullying. This is because bullying in today’s world can happen not just on a school bus, playground or classroom, but at home via social media and text messaging at any hour or the day or night. In fact, even incidents of parent fueled fighting has created a stir in the news as bullying has really ramped up in intensity and occurrence.

In school bullying

Bullying that happens in class, on a bus run by the school or on any school property truly is something that falls under the control of the school. The issue of late is that schools have anti-bullying campaigns in place, yet, they tend to shy away from naming bullies or even confirming incidents to the parents of a child who in fact has been a victim. This sends a very mixed message to children and thus many have been afraid to come forward and seek help and those are the cases where tragedy can eventually happen as bullying can and does go too far at times.

Bullying outside of school – but by classmates

The issue of social media bashing, non-stop text messaging or even threatening e-mails has been one of the newer forms of bullying. This is because this type of electronic and always available bullying can happen whenever the person inflicting the damage chooses. This can be as simple as a child logging online to a social media site to see countless posts making fun of them to text messaging blasts to hundreds of others with embarrassing pictures. These incidents are not just for schools to get involved with but also law enforcement as harassment is harassment in the eyes of the law.

Steering clear of trouble

The end result for bullying is that it has been an issue since children started going to school and the issue is one that will never disappear completely. This means that one of the best ways for a child to defend themselves is to steer clear of those who are known to be bullies. Parents too play a part as, many have been shown in the news as being the catalyst for fights, taunting, teasing and even physical harm against other children by egging on their own. This is where, once again, the law needs to be involved and perhaps even legal representation if it is a case where a child or student has been bullied incessantly and thus needs some sort of legal relief to make the issue go away.

The legal side of bullying is one that is relevant as bullying over time can cause emotional and physical harm to a child of any age. Knowing that legal recourse is an option is important for parents and educators to understand as it sends a strong message that such behavior by the guilty party is no longer tolerated and the bullied child is now fighting back through lega

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