Which soft skills does a graduate need for success?

In order to succeed in this era of technological advancements, it is best for an individual to have personal and professional effectiveness training. Individuals need to develop and utilize new skills in order to keep up with the rapidly changing work environment. These skills include soft skills which play a vital role in professional success.

Soft skills cover all the aspects of generic skills which include the cognitive elements related to non-academic skills. Soft skills are the most critical skills in the business world. These skills are critical in the development of an individual’s personality. They help individuals to excel in the work place and stand out among other job seekers having ordinary skills and abilities.

Soft skills offer many benefits and their importance cannot be ignored in this age of cut-throat competition. They offer individuals the ability to communicate effectively with their employers and colleagues. They provide individuals recognition from prominent industries and even from their employers and peers. They offer promotions and new employment opportunities, and much more.

When asked what soft skills they demand the most from candidates, employers ranked effective communication, problem solving and critical thinking as the top most skills in the list. Here is a list of the six most wanted soft skills that employers look for in new graduates:

1. Communication skills

Having the ability to read, write and speak clearly and effectively is among the most desired skills in the current job market. Many fresh graduates often lack the ability to communicate effectively. Employers look for candidates who know how to express themselves well when it comes to writing a message or while convincing others with a presentation.

2. Attitude

Besides other abilities, your attitude matters a lot at the workplace. If you have a positive attitude towards life, you will ultimately be enthusiastic about your work, no matter how tedious it is, and will have a keenness to go the extra mile. A positive attitude will also help you become confident and optimistic about the future of the company. These all are the important values that encourage employers to hire graduates.

3. Ability to work independently and in teams

Employers look for graduates who have the ability to become a good team player and effectively work with others. According to employers, graduates should know how to effectively perform different roles and help the team achieve its goals, while staying together and meeting deadlines. Apart from working in teams, graduates should also know how to work independently, since employers want people who are self-motivated and practical.

4. Problem solving skills

Fresh graduates also need to have sound problem solving skills, so that they can manage complex projects effectively. Employers are looking for graduates who have the ability to think outside the box and search for creative and unique solutions for complex problems.

5. Negotiating skills

Since disagreements and conflicts are common in every workplace, employers value graduates who have the ability to negotiate, persuade and resolve conflicts. They prefer hiring those individuals who have the skills to develop mutually beneficial relationships in the company in order to influence people. Individuals need to have the ability to negotiate win-win solutions to serve in the best interests of the organization.

6. Ability to adapt to changes

In most organizations, in order to succeed, employees need to have the ability to change and continue to enhance their skills according to the changing needs of the industry. Thus, employers look for individuals who are willing to learn from their mistakes and who are able to grow as leaders to transform the organization.

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