Are online courses the beginning of the end for traditional universities?

The options for a college degree will vary based on the type of school that is selected. Individuals have the option to add a traditional college or university along with an online university. One aspect that is the same, is the end goal of earning a degree and getting a diploma.

However, students will find that the learning environment between each option is very different. Online courses give a student more options that may ultimately be the beginning of the end of the traditional university.


The administration of online courses will vary from course to course, but they are typically easier for a student to schedule. A virtual class can be scheduled to work around other functions occurring during a typical day. Traditional classes take place on a campus one or more times each week at certain times. A daily work schedule may need to be modified or daily plans could require finding a babysitter. Most online courses will often include meetings in an online chat environment. Attendance for an online class will typically not be an issue as students can check in any time . Another thing to consider is the completion of a degree, whenever the program is finished. This can be more than the traditional four years needed, if a bachelor’s degree is a goal.


College and university campuses are full of students on the go from class to class. Online courses are a way to avoid the hustle and bustle of a traditional campus. One thing to keep in mind is that students taking online courses can talk to other students and professors in many ways. The most common is by sending an email message or by meeting in an online chat session. However, people who do not like being in a crowd or in a traditional classroom can take classes from the comfort of home. The type of interaction that the student has is based on their specific preferences.


The resources available for online courses are a bit different from the traditional college courses. A standard online university is typically less expensive due to the lack of supporting facilities. Universities and colleges have a library, gymnasium facilities, residence halls, and dining halls. There will be a part of a student’s tuition that will help pay to maintain these facilities. People that do not have any need for these facilities will benefit from taking online courses. One aspect of an online course is having access to various types of study tools.


Individuals who do not have the time to attend a traditional university can take a variety of courses at a time that is convenient to their need. Most of the times this may be at night or early in the morning. Another thing that will benefit individuals is the fact that they do not have to commute or leave home to take a class. People who want to be able to advance in their career field while maintaining a job will see the most benefits from courses that are available online.

The traditional university model will likely be around for quite a long time. However, the availability of online courses will mean less and less people attending a traditional university or college.

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