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How technology is changing education?

As recently as a few years ago the idea of someone getting an online degree was considered laughable. Only scams ran their classes over the Internet, the common wisdom said. Real colleges required students to show up in a physical classroom with actual books, and hand their work over to the teacher. That view is…


Online learning development

Online learning is nothing more than correspondence studying with a kick. Distance learning is something that has been around for over a century. In the 19th century, a school principal in England began to teach short hand to students in the city. Instead of taking classes the conventional way – in a classroom at a…


How to develop online learning skills?

The availability of online classes and the push towards online learning means online learning skills will be a necessity. A variety of skills will need to be used to be successful with any online learning activity, as most online learning takes place in an educational environment.


350 000 students in only 3 free online course

In 2011, Stanford University offered 3 online courses, which anyone in the world could enroll in and take without having to pay anything. These three courses had enrollments of around 350,000 students, which is making them one of the largest experiments in the online education ever. Ever since the beginning of 2012, the effort has…

e-learning revolution

E-learning revolution

Check the amazing facts of e-learning developments, in fact, figures + academic perspective. 1.The growth of the eLearning industry with amazing facts and statistics that shows how fast online eLearning is growing. The video also illustrations the pain that organizations feel when trying to convert their material to SCORM compliant eLearning. e-learning revolution 2. Noam…


Free open educational source – edX Platform

  Stanford University and edX, the non-profit online learning enterprise founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), announced their collaboration to advance the development of edX’s open source learning platform and provide free and open online learning tools for institutions around the world.