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e-learning infographics

One of the most comprehensive place in the e-learning industry network dedicated to the best education infographics is e-learning infographics.com. Formed by a team of creative, hard-working, and passionate online educators, one can find the best education infographics based on a thriving community of 75,000+ online educators, teachers, instructional designers, professors, and in general, professionals that have a great passion about education.

eLearningInfographics supports 16 education infographics categories Gamification Infographics MOOC Infographics Mobile Learning Infographics Social Learning Infographics Special Education Infographics Adult Education Infographics Distance Education Infographics Educational Technology Preschool Infographics K12 Infographics Higher Education Infographics Continuing Education Infographics eLearning Infographics Instructional Design Infographics Teacher Infographics Student Infographics