5 Things to consider when creating a video animation


Creating animations is fun and easy as long as it is restricted for recreational use. When using video animation as a marketing strategy for your business, entrepreneurs need to be weary of the ingredients that go into the making and successful execution of such a strategy. Since video animations are supposed to lay out the foundations, ideologies, perspectives and beliefs of your company out in a catchy manner, there are several important factors you must consider before you do so.

So what are the 5 things to consider when creating a video animation? Let’s find out:

1.    Target audience

Every business decides on a product they will produce or a service they will offer. These products aren’t meant for everyone, they’re meant for a specific group. For examples, companies that produce tampons have women of post-puberty in mind. This means when making an animation video, the business must keep in mind the informative facts about its product that will attract women, the awareness this video will be spreading and the persuasive factor that will convince more women to buy these tampons. This allows the businesses to understand what sort of a message is to be delivered through these animation videos.

2.    Approach

What is your approach? Where are you going to post this animation video?

It is important to decide where and how a business would be marketing the video. This can also be determined by the type of audience it renders. Your approach depends on how vastly your medium is approached by your audience. This approach also influences the type of videos you will be making. For instance, Facebook requires humorous videos to break the internet while YouTube commercials tend to be persuasive.

3.    Size

What is the size of your animation video?

In the modern times, people’s attention spans have shrunken to the point of non-existence. This means, someone will give you only so much of their time and your efficiency will determine how well you deliver your message within that limited time of a couple of seconds. Therefore, the size and length of your animation videos should be precise enough to be actually watched by the viewer.

4.    Budget

Let’s talk real. We all know nothing in this world is cost free. Video animations for professional level are not free of cost and require some sort of charges. Although you do not need to have a massive budget, the stage where your business is at large influences how much of a budget you can summon. For instance, if your business is still growing, you would be fond of Powtoon’s pro version while a well-established business just might go for a software as hefty as Maya.

5.    Brand image

The type of audience you target and the product you sell enormously affects your animation videos. Your product represents the type of image you sustain in the market. If you are selling a smartphone, you are obviously selling a luxury and need to produce a video that reaches out to your audience accordingly.

These are some of the factors that need to be considered before you actually make an animation video!


Hilary Addison is at present filling in as an independent Animation Video Maker at different global organisations. He cherishes channelizing every one of his endeavours to convey the best-vivified recordings for his customers.

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