4 Main policies to be implemented by College authorities


College plays a crucial role in the lives of all the students. It can be truly regarded as a milestone for any student. Various good students adopt unproductive ways and destroy their life and career. On the other hand, some dull students work hard and excel in education and are also seen as a successful professional in their respective careers. The role of college authorities is significant in this realm; they should regulate and keep a constant check on student’s activities by meeting students’ representatives to avoid any negative events in future. College authorities must be considerate towards the need of updating curriculum according to latest trends. 4 main policies to be implemented by college authorities are discussed in this article.

They should repeal outdated curriculum

Education should not be confined to outdated concepts which no longer serve any function. Latest educational concepts must be formulated and included in the syllabus. This will also develop an interest in students and they will show positive outcome in their academic performances. New concepts must be emphasised and they will also help students in their professions as well. Education should not be limited to just theory but more practical work should be added to get more understanding of the concepts discussed in the classroom. Educational curriculum should be devised according to recent trends. The students would also retain this information and it is also useful in daily lives as well. This whole phenomenon requires an extensive research on part of college authorities to implement most useful and latest concepts in the curriculum.

More subject choice should be given

This is one of the most common issues with students that they do not get enough subject choices. Subjects play an important role in defining a career for students. The availability of limited subjects will leave students helpless and they will have to choose courses which they don’t want to study, which is also the major cause of failures and low progress. Students have low financial background cannot enrol in foreign colleges which are offering their desired subjects. Every student has a right to study his preferred subjects. It is also linked to their careers as well. The students who choose subjects according to their aptitude show more interest in studies, and this is also helpful for them to choose a right career plan for themselves. There are so many cases in our society where students have limited choices, and they show a lack of interest in studies which gradually lowers down their morale and they don’t emerge as successful professionals in future. It is the duty of college authorities to implement such policies which are beneficial for students by giving them more subject choices.

They should provide counselling services to students

College life is a turning point for students. Teenage is a very crucial juncture and demands proper guidance from parents and teachers. Sometimes, students develop unhealthy patterns which might affect their academics, social and emotional life. Students should be advised to visit their college counsellors if they are having any such problem. Counsellors can help a student in adopting healthy behaviours by helping him in a right direction. Counselling services are very useful in developing better insight and evaluation of consequences of their faulty behaviours. These counsellors prove to be of great help if students are stuck in their education or mental progress. Students feel difficulties in the advanced level of college studies and therefore they remain stressed and worried which affect their social life as well. College authorities should address this issue and implement counselling services for students.

College authorities must interact with student affair’s body

Sometimes there is a communication gap between college authorities and student affairs’ body. Both of them should schedule their meetings weekly or monthly which will keep both the parties updated with latest happenings in the educational policies and the students’ issues as well. Student affairs’ body should inform college authorities about the different issues of students. On the other hand, it is also very helpful for students if they are updated about the expected changes in their curriculum or any other policy related to students. When representatives of both parties exchange their issues and information, it will help both of them and it also ensures better environment of college.

These 4 policies are directly needed to be implemented or revised by the college authorities. Up gradation of a curriculum is as important as is resolving students’ issues. Students should be given quality education in as much lower tuition fees as possible. Students’ representatives should be involved while drafting out policies for students because it will help college authorities to devise their policies which are just according to the mindsets of students. Moreover, the fee structure should be formulated so that education becomes accessible to all. Making education accessible, as a matter of fact should be the top priority of education authorities.


This article has been written by Amanda Grace, a Student Counselor, a Poet and a writer who works for Help With Assignment Writing and writes on students’ issues and different tips for students.

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