5 Ways a college student can earn extra cash this summer

Going to college is one of the most eye-opening and unique experiences, but most people would agree that it is also one the most financially challenging ones. Learning to be financially literate is an important task every person needs to commit to, especially when you take into consideration that the cost of an average semester is higher than ever before. Getting buried in student loans is hardly an answer, but fortunately, there are more ways than one for college students to take full advantage of their summer breaks and earn some additional cash.

1.    Selling used and unused books

College textbooks are notoriously expensive and while most college students tend to get rid of them the moment they’ve finished the class, most of the times they’re walking away with a fraction of what they actually paid in the first place. Offloading books at a local used bookstore also yield very little cash, but it’s by far the most convenient method. A far better idea would be to clean up the books, evaluate them by their condition, research their price by calling up local bookstores and sell them online.

2.    Do what you normally do: go online!

Whether you are in need of some quick cash or you’re looking for sustainable, long-term results, the internet offers a multitude of different ways to generate an income. Starting your own blog or a YouTube channel can turn out to be a very lucrative business move, however, it does take some hard work and patience before you really start earning.

Photography aficionados can try shooting stock images, selling their own photos or simply uploading them to Instagram in order to cultivate a small following and try out their luck as micro-influencers. A rather popular method with the students in the land Down Under is completing paid surveys online, since they are so quick and easy to finish, and generate a small side income.

3.    Teaching what they know best

If you are knowledgeable about a particular topic or you have a knack for explaining things in an interesting way, then teaching might be the way go. Teaching English to foreigners is by far the easiest and the most popular method and there are numerous services online that offer this type of work. Besides English, people will pay to be taught literally anything, whether it’s learning basic math, how to play guitar or even code a website.

4.    Freelance jobs

Freelancing is ideal for those who have a concrete and marketable skill, such as copywriting, photo and video editing, programming, data entry, etc. Even if you’re not 100% sure about your skills, signing up to a freelance website and looking for work is not only free of charge, but the people who hire generally know exactly what they want and how they want it and most of them will offer pointers or simply state what needs to be changed and in what way. After a couple of satisfied clients and positive scores, you can bid for higher-paying jobs or find a client willing to commit to the long-term.

5.    Financial literacy classes

Money management is hardly a topic you would hear a college student discuss in their free time, but it might become a mandatory talk considering the state of today’s economy. There’s an increasing number of universities and colleges that offer financial literacy classes, seminars and workshops in order to help college students manage their finances more efficiently, ranging from budgeting and organizational standpoint to flat-out instructions on the different ways they can make additional money on the side.

Temp jobs might be a cliché, but they’re always a solid option and if you have your own car, you can even try applying for driving jobs through websites such as Lyft and Uber. Those who plan on staying inside the campus during the summer can try becoming a teaching assistant, edit and/or proofread their peer’s papers or help out the college by working in the admissions office or giving campus tour guides to potential students.


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