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Books have a way of taking you to another world. They let you escape the realities of life and experience cultures and tragedies that are far beyond your borders. It awakens your imagination and carries you to distant lands. Books are a great way to gaining new skills, abilities and understanding things about the world that you have never considered before. There are different genres of books, and millions are published every year. With all this, what is one to do? With the proliferation of online writing, more and more authors are producing books that much quicker and making it available, speedily on websites such as Amazon, Powell’s and Barnes and Noble. E-Books make reading a breeze, but still, you can get the paperbacks if you want to feel those pages flicking beneath your fingertips.

Reading books is not necessarily a lost art. In recent times there has been a change towards providing more books for young readers. This genre has lovely titles that are a pleasurable escape from the more mundane and arduous things of life. You can find books by some of the greats, like Stephen King or the unknown writers who have great skill to equip many people in that category. As you continue reading, we will provide a listing of twenty great young adult titles to bemuse your senses and satisfy your bibliophile senses.

1.   The hate u give by Angie Thomas

This is a novel that is influenced by one of the more outstanding issues or our time, discrimination. The #BlackLiveMatter movement is very prominent, and as such no wonder, there was bound to be a book about it, sooner or later.

The novel showcases a teenage character, Starr Carter who has to juggle her life on both sides of the preverbal train tracks. She lives in the ghetto but attends a preppy school. Her friend is gunned down by police officers so begins the adventure into life after such a traumatic event.

2.   Ender’s game by Orson Scott Card

This awesome book made it to the big screen, and it was spectacular. Talk about governments using geniuses as soldiers! For those of you looking for a more cerebral experience at bedtime, then this is the book for you.

3.   The glass castle by Jeanette Wells

If you want a book to inspire your mind and influence how you value others, then this is it. The author has been around for a while, and this book has been read by many young adults.

4.   Gossip girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar

If you watched CW, then you will remember this. For those who are not privy to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, then these novels will give you more than just a quick peek. You will get into the mindset and problems they go through; making you empathize with their plight.

5.   Carve the Mark by Veronic Roth

As if the Divergent series was not enough, this dynamic author produces another captivating story. It is the same out of this world theme that goes beyond your current realms of realities and does take place on somewhere else other than planet earth.

The main characters are Ako and Cyra, who are not quite thrilled about their gifts. The two cross paths and must help each other survive.

6.    The babysitter’s club by Ann M. Martin

These series of books go back a long time. They have been a beloved favorite of many people.

7.    Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret  by Judy Blume

This is a ‘birds and the bees’ kind of book. It is a memorable novel that will open up your young child’s mind to puberty and all the magical things that happen, to your body, during that time. Great for girls!

8.    Allegedly by Tiffany Jackson

This is the kind of book that would be appealing to people who enjoy the TV show, ‘Orange is the New Black.’ It highlights the life of girl charged with killing her baby, she might not be guilty, and what happens to her when she has another baby.

9.    The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Another book which has made the big screen; it has been around a while, but still holds the attention of new readers today.

10. City of saints and thieves by Natalie Anderson

If you are looking for some murder and some mystery, then this young adult fiction is for you. It takes place on the African continent, where a Kenyan woman tries to find the person who killed her mother, with ever-increasing threats.

11.  It’s kind of a funny story by Ned Vizzini

This is a great coming of age novel for young people. It will certainly hold their attention and should be on any list. Prepare to consider issues that you had never considered before.

12. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Finally a survival book that will keep you engaged. It is based in Canada and follows the events that a man experiences as he tries to survive after a plane crash in the wilderness in Canada.

13. Healer and seer by Victoria Hanley

The author is great at giving the reader a fun-filled adventure, spliced in with romance and action. It is a series of books.

14. Little house on the prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

This is a well-known story that is popular with millions of people across the world. It too made it on the big screen. It fits for young children and teenagers as well.

15.  Their eyes were watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

This is an authentic, African American experience. Talk about woman power! Your experience will differ depending on your maturity.

16. Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr

This book can bring the story closer to home; depending on your background. It is a tale of two sisters and dealing with the complex relationship of their mom and dad.

17.  Alex & Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz

If you are a fan of novels like the Notebook, filled with romance, then this is for you.

18. The hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Another great and noteworthy book is by Douglas Adams. Its hilarity will keep you hooked.

19.  The outsiders by S.E Hilton

There is no age limit on this title. It is recommended, whenever you are fortunate to get your hands on it. Its themes of friendship and loyalty are great lessons to learn at any time in life.

20.  The Sally Lockhart mystery by Philip Pullman

This series takes place in royal England. It is filled with rich history and follows the life of Sally Lockhart as she experiences sabotage and betrayal in her life. She aims to find out who killed her father regardless of the challenges. Feminists will love this title.


This is a great mix of books, which will captivate a wide array of readers. It is not only suitable for young adults, but many are still favorites of the older sect who discovered them at a young age. And as you can see, some of these titles have made it to the big screen because they still have relevance and appeal.


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