5 Helpful online resources for writing a literature review

Do you need to write a literature review? You could be doing this as a review of your coursework, for a dissertation or research article. Either way, the whole process involves extensive research and evaluation of relevant material.

To some, it can be an excruciating experience. The difficulty may not be in finding suitable literature review topics examples, but knowing where to start and how to improve your productivity during the process.

What is a literature review?

Before we delve into the resources that can make the writing process easier; we need to familiarize ourselves with what is required of you in producing a lit review. In the academic field, it is a scholarly paper that evaluates existing literature on a particular topic.

In that, a literature map involves searching for and discussing published information on a chosen topic area. A comprehensive paper is on that both summarizes and synthesizes the information gathered.

Sometimes the search is limited to a specific period, too.

Helpful resources for literature review

  1. Literature review help

When you have more things to do than the time you have, allows you to; you can opt for expert lit review help. These are professional literature review writers who work with students on different academic levels to produce quality papers.

An essential component in any literature review is following the given instructions on what the final copy should look like. It applies to format instructions and reference styles. The last check by an editor ensures that the final copy abides by the given guidelines.

Also, revisions are welcome within a stipulated timeframe. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having to make the changes yourself. Besides, you will be matched with a suitable writer who has experience in your field of interest and will be able to address the selected topic question critically.

  1. Unpaywall- Access to sites that require payment first

Do you get frustrated when you have to pay for access to a particular paper? Well, the above opensource tool allows you to manoeuvre this restriction. It is a Firefox plugin that will enable users to skip the paywall when you want to gain access to peer-reviewed journal articles.

With this, the road to developing suitable lit review topic ideas becomes smooth. On the browser, you will need to click the green tab. Thus, it allows you to access sites with open access.

Also, it’s free for use, legal and fast.

  1. Google Scholar- Research Tool

As the widely used search engine, it is no wonder that Google Scholar is a useful resource during research. When merely looking for mainstream publications, a Google search will do. However, in finding scholarly references, Google Scholar is your best bet.

It applies to those who may not have access to a school library. If you do, however, it is best to start with the school Librarian. They are often an unutilized resource when it comes to accessing relevant research databases.

Also, Google Scholar allows you to collaborate with your peers. You achieve this by keeping tabs on what others in your research area, are doing.

  1. Zotero- Reference management

In many academic tasks, formatting references can be tedious. It acts as your research assistant by allowing you to collect research, organize the information, cite sources and share your findings.

It has a feature that allows you to sort collected items using keywords to tag them. Also, when you create saved searches, they fill with relevant materials automatically, as you work.

You can use it on your pdf files to scrape bibliographic information or add notes on your references, among many other attractive functionalities.

  1. Grammarly- Grammar checker & Sentence correction

The quality of the content also depends on your ability to communicate effectively. Non-native English speakers may face this challenge especially. First, you have to keep in mind that the first draft is never perfect.

You don’t need to try to make it so, in any case. Once you are done compiling your ideas on paper; it’s good to find time to go through the document. When you aren’t too sure on the best way to convey your thoughts, a Grammar Checker comes in handy.

Polishing your literature review

In any written content, it is essential to proofread the material before you submit it. Also, you need to ensure that you follow the guidelines provided for the final paper. Therefore, making every effort count towards producing a noteworthy literature review.

Author: Karla Long

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