Which career can you have with Education in Law degree?


Whether you are fresh out of high school and looking for a new way forward or seeking to retrain for a new career, an Education in the law can take you places you never imagined. Many people think that the only goal of an Education in law is to become an attorney, but that is definitely not the case. The fact is, being educated in the law can prepare you for a number of lucrative careers and business opportunities. If your goal is to become an attorney, that is fine. If you have other goals in mind, the Education in the law you receive will serve you well in those endeavors as well.


You probably already know that a disproportionate percentage of senators and congress members are lawyers by training, so it is clear an education in law lays a solid groundwork for a career in public service. Attorneys are just as well represented at the state and local level, and an education in law is a great way to get started as a politician.


An Education in law is also great training for would-be entrepreneurs. Owning a business is hard, with lots of things to think about and endless factors to consider. Having a solid grounding in the laws of your municipality and the state in which you reside can help you enormously when starting your own business. Whether it is dealing with local zoning laws, so you can operate a home-based business or heading off lawsuits through the smart use of insurance and contracts, the legal training you receive will serve you well.


Learning about the law will also give you the groundwork you need to pass that knowledge on to the next generation. Many teachers at law schools are also successful attorneys, and a career in teaching can be a wonderful career. Attorneys at CPR Law often do medical cases and having a background in medicine or health can also be a starting point for many legal jobs.

Legal Fields

A grounding in legal concepts and an education in law can also prepare you for employment in related fields. Paralegals and other professionals are increasingly in demand, and that is good news for those with the right qualifications. Some paralegals work on their own, preparing wills, contracts, and documents for their clients. Others work in law offices, helping attorneys review contracts, prepare for trial and brief witnesses.

No matter what you want to do or what career goals you plan to pursue, an education in law can be a valuable addition to your training and qualifications. Whether you want to pursue a career in politics, teach students or own your own business, a grounding in the law and legal concepts will serve you well for years to come.

Eileen O’Shanassy

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