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Career development is the lifelong process of learning new skills and abilities. This process makes a person to be in charge of his focus and direction to be stable, flexible and adaptable to changes along the way. Education plays a significant role in career development. In other words, we can say that the educational or academic career of an individual is the fundamental base of his professional career.

Career education is all about vocational training for a specific job field. Instead of focusing on academic subjects, a student learns the tools of an occupation through hands-on training. Example occupational fields include welding, commercial truck driving, plumbing, cosmetology and automotive technology, among others. Educational career development Programs vary considerably in length. Community college and vocational schools offer many of these programs. Also, many career centers in community college work with people who are in need of education.

Career Education is planning of a student with the help of centre or department within college or university for his career path. There are some career counselors available for students. They can access those counselors and make the most preferable best choice for their careers. Career counselors also help the students in finding internship opportunities, resume development, etc. these counselors play a significant role in helping students to make informed decisions.


Educational career development offers some benefits. The benefits of educational career depend on upon the ability of an individual to use education for career development. Most brilliant ways of using educational career are as follows:

  • Education plays a significant role in finding the job. It is not only used for the finding a job, but also it will offer intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and contribute to the professional development. The educational career development helps in finding the best and compatible job for you. You just need to select the education of your interest. Try to select a field in which you can work for hours without getting bored. This educational field selection opens the door of opportunity for you, and you will enjoy your career.
  • If you have a strong educational career, then you would be able to create jobs not for yourself, but also for helping the unemployed people around you. The educational training provides handful experiences which make student entrepreneurs. Another way of using your educational career is to start your own business either at small scale or large scale.
  • Education has a significant impact on your ability to gain promotions and rewards. You as a worker can use your skills and education for promoting yourself on the job. You can also work for increasing your education for example, if you have started as an entry level or semi-skilled worker with limited experience, then you can go for the bachelor’s degree to get promoted to your job.
  • An educational career can also be used for skills development. The skills acquired from college degree program help the students to apply those skills practically to gain the better understanding of the concept and to gain better results or solutions. The educational career also helps in decision making. The steps and procedure learned for solving different problem help you to analyse the situation on the rational basis.
  • Education can also be used for learning how to learn. The educational career help you learn how to gather learn and apply knowledge. The educational career helps in learning different procedures, information and skills related to a field of study. During the process of educational career, you are required to execute tasks based information and training you have learned in the educational career which would develop a range of skills in you.

By using educational career, skills and information effectively you can enjoy all these benefits and develop a successful professional career. By attending an educational institute, you are not learning from your individual experiences, but the experiences and intellect of your teachers and classmates are also contributing to your knowledge. The learning environment and the school give you a consolidated view of some theories, formulas, ideologies, and experiments conducted by generations of scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, historians, and other experts. Through all these processes you will learn and develop a large combination of different skills which will help you to develop your professional career.

As much as you educate yourself, the more, you will earn in your profession.


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