Get your CV right to get the job you want

Are you among the 33% of job seekers who have applied for at least five jobs without a response or, more gallingly still, the 10% who have unsuccessfully applied for more than 50 vacancies?

For people who are unemployed and actively seeking work, constant rejection from recruiters is hard to take, but the harsh truth is that many of these are simply giving themselves no chance because of one reason – an inadequate résumé.

Look at it from a recruiter’s perspective:

They’re going to be inundated with job applications and they just don’t have the time to carefully sift through all of them in their entirety. It is up to the applicant to make their résumé distinctive enough for a recruiter to stop in their tracks and say “Hey, this person is worth another look”.

If your résumé is littered with amateurish mistakes such as misspellings, poor grammar, unnecessary designs or stock clichés that mean absolutely nothing, you’re inviting a recruiter to cast you aside, and they will have no hesitation in doing so.

There’s a few essential pointers you need to follow if your résumé is going to seize a recruiter’s attention.

Firstly, make sure it is grammatically flawless. This will mean proofreading it several times-every proofread is worth it. Make it visually appealing and professional in its appearance. This doesn’t entail flooding it with images, but rather having it laid out consistently, so that it is easy to read. In terms of content, sell yourself. Talk yourself up by giving specific examples of how you’ve made a difference in previous ventures. Don’t just say you’re a team player without explaining why you fit that self-appointed description.

If you’ve felt the disappointment of job rejection recently, this infographic from Ayers ( is well worth a few minutes of your attention.

CVs & Resumes: Get Them Right to Get the Job Infographic
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