6 awesome degrees and courses for creative people

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If you are creative, choose a career that suits your talent. Creative industries are extensive and incorporate a wide variety of skills. Creativity doesn’t have to be limited to an arts degree – use your originality to think outside of the box when applying for a course or degree!

There are lots of courses and degrees available for creative people. We chose six options that might be right for you…

1. Animation

Advertising, video gaming, movies and other digital simulations require animation skills. If you are creative and enjoy designing and computing, then you should consider a course or degree in animation. Animation courses teach constructing narratives, characterisation, motion, time and space and aesthetics in the digital sphere. Courses also teach students how animation is used in various ways and on different digital platforms. The course explores both two and three dimensional digital practices and requires originality. Of course, animation degrees teach all the technical aspects of compiling animation and give students a lot of hands on experience with their practical projects.

2. Brand Management

Why do we remember some products, and forget others? Brand management is a growing field and qualified brand managers are becoming very sought after. All major companies have brand managing teams, who ensures that their brand is not only known to the public, but also popular. Brand management courses will teach you the necessary skills to communicate, negotiate and market products or services. Courses and degrees also tend to give practical experience, which require meeting and working with clients, strategizing, researching and organising events.

3. Web Design

If you like computers and have a creative-flair, then web design is an option you should consider. Today technology and computers dominate industries – no business these days operate without a website. Making a website is one thing, but making it look great and appealing is another thing! Web design courses range in length and technicality. Courses teach the workings and programming of constructing websites and also teach crucial online design elements on specialised designing programmes. The job generally pays well and can be done from the comfort of your home!

4. Urban Planning

Courses in urban planning teach a very wide range of skills including elements of civil and environmental engineering, architecture and sociology. The course also involves a lot of modelling, which is where the ability to think creatively and practically becomes essential. Urban planning is basically designing and constructing living spaces, particularly the layout of infrastructures. Degrees in urban planning are aimed at training people to think sustainably when considering living spaces and there are various career options such as commercial and residential zoning, recreational specialists and transport planning.

5. Styling

Applying make-up, styling hair and choosing outfits can be made into a career! Styling courses offer a very wide range of specialities, and these courses are perfect for people who enjoy fashion and taking risks. Depending on the speciality, styling students are taught make-up techniques, hair styling and fashion accessorising. Besides the practical skills, the course units also cover theory of colour, fashion trends, marketing, business management and networking. Stylists often work closely with magazines and even celebrities. Do you need any more reason to do this?!

6. Sound Engineering

If you love music, why not make a career out of it? Sound engineering students are taught professional skills required in various music industries. The course or degree will enable students to learn vital skills like critically listening, recording, mixing as well as how to record live and in a studio. Furthermore, the theory behind elements such as acoustics and hearing perceptions are uncovered and students are given lots of opportunity to design and record their own collaborations and mixes. Your career could involve working with famous artists, or even allow you to become a famous DJ!

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