Preppy or Positive: Are private boarding schools beneficial?


Some parents may find themselves torn between the idea of sending their children to private school, or simply putting them into the public system. Both will have their advantages, but many parents may feel that private school is going to offer their children a better education. Before you decide, it is a good idea to take a look at what a private school can offer your children.

Boarding school

A lot of private school also tend to be boarding schools, meaning that your children are going to be away for most of the year. Sometimes they will be sent home during the weekends, but at other times they only come home during the holidays. With boarding school, your children are going to develop independence a lot earlier in life. They will learn to think for themselves.

Smaller classes

Smaller classes are usually a good feature of private schools and one of the main reasons that parents will send their children there. A smaller class means that your child will receive extra attention. If there happen to be any subjects that your child struggles with, then he or she is going to receive the extra attention that they will require.

Public schools

Public school also has its merits. One of the main attractions of public school is the cost. They do not cost anything to send your child to. Often, a public school is going to be the best choice parents who simply do not have the cash to send their children to any other institution. At the same time, teachers in public schools tend to have higher qualifications. Students are also going to spend a lot more time studying core subjects (mathematics, English, history etc.).

Where to send your child?

There is a somewhat “preppy” image surrounding those who attend private school, but this is really going to depend on the school that you send your child to. “Preppy” schools are becoming less and less so these days. Private schools often offer a diverse range of unique subjects that children may excel at. Whether you are looking to send your child to a public or a private elementary school, there are plenty of interesting choices available for you here.

Overall, it is important to take a look at the differences between private and public and then decide on what is going to suit your child best. If you decide to go for a private education, then it is important to do a little bit of research on the school itself. Take a look at the different choices that are offered when it comes to the curriculum. You can also go to an open day and take a look at the school itself. You want to make sure that your child is comfortable with the school that you are in. All of this will make sure that they get a good idea of the place that they will be educated in.

At the end of the day, it is important for you to make the decision yourself when considering a place like a Cleveland boarding school for boys. Your child’s opinion is also going to count for something, so do not forget this. You can also check :

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