How to get children to enjoy maths?

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Maths is a subject that some people really struggle with. Some people are just not good with numbers. And they say that for a child to have good mathematical skill, he/she must have a strong foundation of the numbering system. It seems to be alone among other subjects in that many people just have a mental block with it and do not know how to do it. There are things that you can do to help them to enjoy the subject.

  • Be enthusiastic about the subject
    It is important to make sure that children do not pick up any negativity about maths from their parents. They will then think that there is a reason not to like it. Even if you do not like it very much, make sure that you do not pass those feelings on to them. Ensure that they think it is a fun and useful subject. This is easy when they are young because the maths is very simple so you should be able to help them. If you can build an enthusiasm at a young age, this should hopefully help them to be keener on the subject as they get older. There will be a lot of children who do not like maths and they will complain about it and this could rub off on your children. You may need to work hard to change their mind about it, but it will be worth it. If you like a subject you tend to do better in it.
  • Find maths games to play
    A good way to make maths fun is to play maths games. There are many games that you can play which help with maths. Dice games can help, especially using two dice because they will to add up as well as count the moves on a board. Card games can also help as they get older. You will also find a selection of maths apps for phones and tablets and these can be fun too. As they get older, games like monopoly can be good as there is more complicated maths. There are also computer games aimed at a variety of ages that use maths. You may be able to encourage your children to play some of these.
  • Explain the importance of learning it
    It can be worth making sure children understand how important it is to understand maths. This can get harder as they get older though. It is easy to explain how money maths will help them when they are managing their household budget and out shopping. It is easy to explain how arithmetic is useful for many things. However, when it comes to quadratic equations, calculus and pi, it can be more difficult. Like all subjects it is important to show an understanding, so that you can pass your exams. Many jobs require a basic knowledge of maths, so you need to make it clear that the actual math they are studying is irrelevant but the qualification is important. It is the same as all other subjects, where not everything that is learned will be useful in later life, but learning it will get a qualification that will be useful.

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