Free – of – charge online university studies

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One of the benefits that Internet offers is the limitless way of using the educational resources online.

In this direction, the distance learning is overtaking the status of marginal, to very frequently used manner of gaining new skills and obtaining online degrees.

In the comfort of your home, with your computer and Internet connection you do not need to go anywhere to gain international degree, but instead you can gain it via distance learning opportunities offered on the web.

The fact that is even more intriguing, is that it can be achieved for FREE.

Here are some of the best available opportunities to study online, without paying anything for the courses:

  1. University of People is a tuition-free, non-profit, online academic institution dedicated to enabling access to higher education globally. It has online bachelor’s degree in Management and Computer Science.
  2. MIT and Harvard project on free distance learning MITx represents a learning platform where students can take free online courses offered by three premier Universities in the US – Harvard, MIT, and UC Berkeley. Online learners from all over the world can earn a certificate of completion after completing the course. It is optional. If one wishes to go through the lectures only, this option is also available.
  3. Coursera represents free online learning platform of the top universities in the world. It offers online courses in Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, business, Computer Science and many others.
  4. Umea is one of the first online universities, based in Sweden. With over forty different courses, it is simple to enroll and does not require any additional fees to be paid ever.

Another valuable source for free of charge distance learning tool is:

  1. iTunesU: comprehensive sources lectures that are offered free of charge in twelve mayor educational categories: Art and Architecture, Business, Engineering, Health and Medicine, History, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Psychology and Social Science, Society, Teaching and Learning. These categories can be heard as online lectures from over 200 universities worldwide. The number of educational institutions joining the list is increasing by every single day.

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