Why would you want to go to Bible College online?

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Summer is a time of year when many high school graduates are taking in some sun, making some extra money at a job or getting loose-ends tied up before they go on to college. However, many high school graduates receive their diploma without a concrete thought of what they want to do next. On top of that, there are others who have graduated high school in the past and maybe even graduated college who are now searching for a new path – a path that aligns them closer with their spirituality. In these cases, a Bible College may be the best way to invest in one’s faith and discover career prospects that involve helping others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, however, many potential students don’t have the time or flexibility to attend a four year college full-time. They also might not have a Bible College near them as there aren’t very many around. Because of this, an online Bible College education is a viable way for Christians to get a better understanding of the Bible and reach new levels of their faith to do good in the world. If you’re thinking about Bible College, here are some reasons to consider doing it online:

  • An online education is more legitimate than it was several years ago:

If you were to tell your parents ten years back that you were going to get your education online, they might be a little skeptical. Check out this article in Inside Higher Ed about the problems that some professors have with considering an online education legitimate over an education received in a traditional classroom. And this was only written seven years ago. However, as the internet has become a greater part of our everyday lives, education has embraced online pedagogical strategies to suit a more mobile student.

  • You have more flexibility in when you take the classes:

When you take classes in the traditional classroom model, you are forced to take the class when it’s scheduled. If you’re late that is on you. If you’re sick, it’s up to you to retrieve the notes from a classmate. If your car breaks down and you’re not sure when you can get it fixed, you might as well drop the class. Online Bible College allows you to take classes when it’s most convenient for your schedule, anytime of the day. While there might be some deadlines and scheduled tests, online classes offer greater flexibility than the traditional classroom model.

  • You can take online classes anywhere you have an internet connection:

Let’s say you live in a part of the country where there are no Bible Colleges within driving distance. You would then be forced to live on campus. Unfortunately, this is not an option for many students who have to raise a family, have a career already or simply can’t afford room and board. Luckily, Christians who want to go further in the ministry have the option of learning about Jesus’s teachings from their very own home. This reemphasizes the idea that the teachings of Christianity should be for all whom are willing to learn more.

About the Author:

Ashely is a recent Bible college graduate that has an interest in writing about education. Check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985 to see more.

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