How can new generations utilize self-education?

Studying on your own has always been important. However, only with the rapid advancement of technologies of all kinds, but mostly Internet-related innovations did this process become available on many levels. From elementary and high school children to business professionals, everybody should be aware that only the things that you learn alone will make you stand out from the rest of the people.

Theory and practice

The school system is often too inclined towards theoretical knowledge. It might be interesting to know the name of Alexander the Great’s horse, but is it really necessary today? The thing is that schools still torture children with so many trivial facts, whereas the global labour market recognises mostly practical work. But here is where every individual should make an effort to excel at as many practical skills as possible. Learning from online tutorials, as well as looking up to adults around you in terms of interesting and productive crafts could bring you substantial financial benefits in the future.

The importance of languages

In the past, knowing foreign languages were concerned as something noble and elevated. Today, however, learning them should be observed under the light of their practical use. Teachers should know rules, but workers have to be able to communicate and understand the content valid for their profession. That is why craftspeople, engineers, doctors and all other professionals that want to enrich their careers with working abroad should know at least one foreign language; knowing two would be perfect. Since schools often fail to equip them with the appropriate functional knowledge, they should apply for efficient online language courses and study on their own.

Divergent approach to self-improvement

The term self-improvement has been given pretty negative attributes due to its correlation with self-help; a term that has spread to the shelves of bookstores. However, nobody can make you as good as you can. Self-improvement is done on a daily basis. Everything constructive that a person does during one day will improve their abilities. Watching a documentary about cooking will help you learn how to prepare a new meal. Singing up for an online communication course will yield better work performances. What matters here is discover what suits you and get a learning place which will enhance your work potential. By getting there, your quality of life will be much higher and it will lead to new professional and personal enterprises.

Textual content matters

A real flaw in the school system is forcing kids of different abilities to read complex and outdated literary works. Yes, Dickens wrote real classics, but 12-year olds cannot sit still and read a 500-page novel if they are exposed to so many interactive things. So, the creators of the syllabus should adjust the list of books children should read to create a positive feeling towards reading. Those same kids can spend hours and hours reading their friends’ posts on social groups or texts about celebrities. It shows that students still have the need to read, but only specific content. It is a genuine feature of free market applied to the educational content. Reading remains the main tool for gaining knowledge in all fields and those who want to make professional progress should learn some useful reading techniques to become more productive.

Self-reliance is a great way of using your individual potentials to the full. Since everybody is responsible for their own life, all of us should do as much as we can to improve ourselves and create progressive society.

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Dan Radak is a VPS security and Hosting generally specialist. Currently, he is employed as a consultant in a couple of e-commerce companies. Lately, he has been interested in education-related themes. You can follow him on Twitter.

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