Top 6 amazing websites to polish up your math skills online

Sometimes, students need more than just classroom teaching to completely understand different concepts and formulas of math. Just like social life has evolved with the advancement in technology, methods of teaching and learning have also evolved. If you think that your children or students need to pay more attention to math, you can simply get help from various online math websites and let your child improve math skills. So, here we present you some of the most popular math learning websites:

  1. I practice math is a free math learning website for students of grade 1 to 9. This website is equipped with quizzes, worksheets and lessons in order to help students improve their math skills. The best thing about this website is that teachers can grade their students and generate report of their performance as well. All that teachers need to do is to sign up and add their students in a group. Besides, students can also register themselves individually to improve their math skills over a period of holidays or near exams’ days.

  1. Easy calculation

If you think you are weak in calculations, this website is definitely the right one for you. This website contains numerous calculators that are useful in almost every kind of math calculations. Not just math, but you can also learn and practice your calculus problems quickly and accurately. You can create charts and graphs by using tools from this website. caters to your calculation needs beyond school and is, therefore, a handy tool for the entire household.

  1. Teach mathematics

While there are various sites that help students to learn quickly, there are websites like that aim at helping teachers and students to enhance effectiveness of teaching-learning process. aims at targeting students aged 10-18 years of age. Be it fractions, geometry, statistics or algebra, this website contains tools and lessons that cover all major topics of mathematics. A total of 15 pages containing materials and tools for math are ideal for both teachers and students for understanding math.

  1. Brain genie

This amazing website does not only focus on improving math skills through exercises, but it also provides games, videos and lessons in the most attractive way in order to gain attention of the students and make them interested in the subject. It is a free website that keeps track of all the students who register there and also provide them with progress reports, assignments and awards. is not specific for any age group. Students belonging to all age groups and grades can benefit from this website to increase their math knowledge and polish up their skills. This website is definitely worth a visit for all students who struggle hard to understand math. It is also a must-tell for teachers in their class, so that students can get help from this website when they are home.

  1. Math fights

The most common reasons students give up when asked why they hate math is that they find it boring. Math is indeed a tough subject for most of the students, and the methods of teaching can have a great impact on how a student conceives different concepts of math like algebra, geometry and etc. What could be more fun than learning through a game? And this is what the creators of aimed at when making this website for students belonging to different age groups.

Students can learn math through this website without being bored. All you need to do is to pick an avatar before you start playing the game. You can also make a choice of your opponent for each game. Since the selection of winner is made on calculation of speed and accuracy of answers, you can practice your math skills in a more funny way than you could ever ask for.

  1. Knowledge adventure is a complete educational website for children. It enables children to learn math in the most entertaining way through games and fun exercises. It provides free lesson plans and worksheet also. If you are a parent, you do not need to worry about your children forgetting math lessons when they are home on long holidays. All you need to do is to visit this website and introduce it to your little one. The best thing about this website is that it offers games for other subjects like science and language as well as math.


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