Top 10 Google education programs

Google is more than a searching engine. This company has amazingly evolved along the years and now, its founders think about giving back to the people. So they have implemented all sorts of educational programs dedicated to talented students who are interested in technology. Below, there are top 10 Google education programs and some essential info about each of them.

Google teacher academy

Google Teacher Academy is a two-day event especially created for primary and secondary educators. The goal is to teach these persons how to effectively use technology in their class. Google team members share tools and resources with every educator in the program. The events take place in different locations around the globe and are held in different languages. At the end, each participant becomes a Google Certified Teacher. Those who want to attend this program must submit an online form and a short video.

Made with code

The motto of this program is “things you love are made with code”. Everything about the program is dedicated to girls. Why? Because the creators want to demonstrate that girls can be great with technology too. So here, gals can learn how to use code and bring to life several projects divided into two sections – for beginners and for intermediate. Users can animate a name, make cards, and make a website or even an app for their phones.

Google science fair

In this program, students aged 13 to 18 enter an online competition. It is all about science and technology. For example, the finalists from previous years have presented projects like – a new anti-flu medicine, bioplastics created from banana peels, a green method to clean water, etc. It is really worth getting involved in this project; just take a look at the prizes: a National Geographic expedition, a scholarship from Google, grant for school, and huge amounts of money to develop your projects.

High School Symposium

This program is dedicated to high school seniors. In here, they are meant to learn to better know and understand themselves. The selected students will be able to discover their personal qualities through several valuable lessons. Also, they will travel to one of Google’s headquarters where they will have access to an office and the cafeteria. Then, Google members will teach them how to identify, promote and manage their personal brands.

Ad Camp

This is a 3-day summer program dedicated to those who want to pursue a career in advertising sales or marketing. Up to 70 students are to be selected to participate in this paid camp at one of Google’s offices. Participants will be able to meet Google’s employees and get involved in social activities. Also, they will get involved in a case competition. Only those enrolled in a 4-year BA/BS program are eligible to participate to AdCamp.

BOLD Immersion

This program is dedicated to all higher educated students who want to discover the business side of the technology industry. The selected persons will benefit from a paid-trip to one of Google’s headquarters for one whole week. They will be able to interact with the company’s employees, to test their skills and to participate in solving real business challenges. Those who want to participate to BOLD Immersion must complete an online application.

Computer Science Summer Institute

This program lasts 3 weeks and it is created especially for future college freshmen interested in computer science. Here, Google engineers will teach computer science, software engineering and other related subjects. The camp takes place at a Google office location. So participants will come into contact with the company’s famous working environment. The goal of the program is to develop the students’ technical skills. Those who are interested must apply before 5th March.

BOLD Discovery

This is a 2-day interactive conference dedicated to students between the first and the second year of college. They will be exposed to the Google culture and to amazing jobs opportunities. Participants will be able to choose what workshops to attend, depending on their personal interests. Some of the classes are really fun, like juggling and yoga. The summit takes place in New York and only American students are eligible to participate. Students won’t have to pay for anything – all costs are supported by Google.

Google Code-in

The program is created for participants aged 13 to 17. The contest is online, so students all around the world can sign up. The competition is about open source development. There are 5 categories of tasks: code, documentation/training, outreach/research, quality assurance, and user interface. Each task takes about 3 to 5 hours to complete. The big prize consists in a trip to Google’s headquarters and meetings with Google engineers.

Maker Camp

This is a 30-days online summer camp. Participants must have between 13 and 18 years and lot of imagination. The camp is all about do-it-yourself things – material or virtual. Participants get instructions on how to create different categories of things – transportation, art and design, fun and games, science and technology, music, special effects and make-up. Just make sure you have some essential materials at hand such as LEDs, batteries, conductive metal tape and so on.

In conclusion, if you are a student interested in technology, business or marketing, go online and apply to one of the programs. It is a sure thing that, if selected, you will benefit from a unique experience. Good luck to you all!

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