4 Tech tools that boost learning

In today’s world of technology, more and more students are using tech tools for smart learning. Technological tools are facilitating students with learning methods that are not feasible with conventional ways. Now students can collaborate with their teachers and class fellows in a digital way. Both students and teachers can enhance their class performance by implementing the latest tools of technology in class activities. If you are a student or teacher and hunting for something that will enhance your learning, then you should read about the latest technologies shared below.

Padlet is a latest technology tools that facilities virtual wall to both students and teachers. By utilizing Padlet students and teachers can post and share their great ideas in one place. As a teacher or student, you can also share any sort of informative material on visual wall. The material can be shared in any form, including pictures, videos, and document. In addition, Padlet allows class discussion and student involvement by enabling them to show their opinion on different posts. The posted content is easy to rearrange, amend and this app is appropriate for all level students. Padlet also allows students to ask questions from their teacher to solve a complex problem in real time for better understanding. This e-learning tool permits the students to exchange their great ideas with other students located all over the world.

Ninja Essay
Studies have found that essay writing activity is not liked by 90% students. Ninja essay enables the students to write an essay on any topic in an interesting manner. This latest tool of technology turns the essay writing activity enjoyable for every student by building proficient skills. Writing projects play a great role in the academic performance of every age student. Ninja essay is easy to use, and students can easily build their academic writing skills by learning through professional people. This website is much more than an essay writing assistance as it is teaching student skills that are vital for boosting academic performance.

Newsela is also a free online tool that is enabling the students and teachers to learn in an easy manner. Its amazing features allow the students to read in a smart way by making the reading process more or less difficult. Yes, its great features will facilitate you to read your content in four levels. Each level carries different vocabulary and structure to help students select an appropriate level for them. Furthermore, by using the BINDER tab students can easily track their class assignments. When students use binder option, they easily know about new projects that have been assigned to them and about projects they have submitted to their teachers. In the same way teachers can also track students’ performance in every class activity.

Google Glass
With Google Glass, teachers and students can learn in an innovative way. Google glass is a wearable technology that displays information in a digital device just like hands-free style. When you wear Google glass, you can easily interact with your class teacher and mates via an Internet connection. This innovative technology also allows students to record their lecture in real time. Moreover, it facilitates the students to shoot images and videos with a wink. It means by wearing it you can easily collect a bundle of information for your on class projects. Teachers can also facilitate by this wearable technology by recording students’ attendance, class performance and other information in an innovative manner.

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