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Millions of people around the world are now taking online courses at Harvard or Stanford. In the 21st century, online education gives a virtual classroom environment, based on the video and various support.

Now, this is possible that you can take online classes at your own pace. The prestigious American university has partnered with MIT to launch edX, a site for this miracle. The goal of this website is to change the entire world through education. A challenge that stirred all major U.S. based schools since Stanford has also launched the platform called Coursera, where success is impressive. The technical online courses frequently fulfill the needs of thousands of people.

Manual of this novelty are:


Video replaces the current magistrate. It is essential to learn online tool. A number of ‘rules’ emerge today:

  • Videos should be short, no more than 10-12 minutes on average. In fact, with longer sequences, attention inclines to loosen. Simple questions during the video, to verify that the student is well.
  • Each video expresses a specific concept. They are then grouped in packs of 5 or 10 to form a ‘session’.
  • Finally, groups of optional videos can be made available to students that allow to revise the basics of a subject before starting the course, or to develop certain concepts.


With gigantic virtual classroom, the teacher cannot respond individually to each student. To solve this problem, each virtual classroom thus provides a forum where students ask questions. From all corners of the globe, they can get answers at any time, from other students who have already overcome the difficulty. A voting system on issues like the most pertinent answers also brings out. The professor and his/her assistants then have to just confirm that students have found the right solution. Moreover, it is common that students gather information spontaneously to form working groups according to their own homes!


If one of the main advantages of these courses is to give students a greater freedom in organizing their time, a minimum of constraints is essential for effective learning. Thus, the courses offered must begin on a particular date. Then, each week, students undertake a viewing session concluded with the performance of work at home. Enrollment in these courses precludes a manual correction. These exercises have usually multiple choice, but gradually improving technique allows varying types of homework. Finally, a final duty to check the assimilation of the course by the student receives in exchange a document certifying that he or she followed this module successfully.


These courses are free to access and free, they let first an unprecedented democratization of higher education. The main stumbling block remains today that the system based on honor. Concretely, this means that the student agrees to its inclusion on the site, to perform the duties itself without outside help. Cheating is impossible for anyone. To counter this, these sites now offer the possibility to take the final exam in approved centers worldwide.

At present in the US, this system is primarily akin to the self-learning, and it is hard to argue with recruiters. This could change if won notoriety and security (efficient anti-cheat system). However, these sites can be an inexpensive way to make a medium for training. In countries where higher education is low, they are already an access door to unprecedented excellence in teaching.


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