What are the best careers with flexible hours?

For many people, flexible working hours are a must. Parents raising families need flexible schedules that let them balance personal and professional responsibilities, as do people working a second job and needing the ability to change their schedules if necessary. Whatever the reason, there are many jobs offering great pay, benefits, career satisfaction and flexible schedules.

Dental assistant

A great career for working moms, these positions offer flexible schedules. Many can be part-time, allowing mothers to work during the day and be with their families in the evenings. Full-time positions offer days off during the week in exchange for working an occasional Saturday, which can also help when taking care of things around the house. Salaries are great for both full and part-time workers, with part-timers averaging almost $17 per hour and full-time assistants earning over $35,000 annually. Factors impacting dental assistant salary can include geographic location of the dental practice, years of experience the assistant has and their educational level.

Security guards

For people who love protecting others, a career as a security guard is a great choice. Most companies have full and part-time positions available with daytime, evening or overnight shifts from which to choose. These are often great jobs for retirees seeking a second career, or for those seeking a second job to help pay off debt or save up money for a big purchase.


Teaching is not only a rewarding career in many ways, but also one that offers a flexible work schedule. Most teachers have their summers off, giving them the ability to take vacations and relax with family and friends. During the school year, their day often ends in the middle of the afternoon or earlier, if students are released for bad weather or other activities. Salaries are also very good, averaging almost $50,000 per year. If you need further education to get this job there are plenty of online education programs.


These jobs can be found with police departments, taxi services and trucking companies. While stressful at times, they offer schedules that can accommodate many people’s lives. Days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays are a must for these jobs. But in return for an unconventional schedule, dispatchers get much time off and are often rewarded with bonus pay for working holidays or overnights, and fairly easy training programs. Flexible work schedules are becoming more important to workers as they strive for a better balance between career and family. No matter what area of work a person chooses to pursue, most schedules can be made to fit around any person’s plans. By Anette Hazard

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