Media projects for teachers and students

Visual aids are essential in teaching. The use of these aids enhance the learning of students. One specific form is the use of media. As a teacher, you can use videos or slide shows in delivering the lessons to your students. Students can also create projects using these media to enhance their learning of the subject matter or submit as a school term requirement.


The use of media like videos or slide shows is engaging. They provide students with opportunities to be able to connect concepts to real life and learn communication and technical skills which are relevant and useful. Producing media enhances the learning and experience of students because, just like the subject matter, they involve or even require the learners to synthesise, analyse and evaluate information and collaborate among one another in critical thinking. The whole process is fun. While students are doing the tasks needed to be done in the project, they are applying their learning in an enjoyable way.


For teachers who want to use media projects in their classes and students who would like to create one to submit, the process involves choosing the story, selecting a format, knowing the equipment to use, gathering the resources needed, knowing the best practices in the field and learning how to apply them.


Teachers can learn how to create and use media for their class. They should add it as a part of their curriculum including its benefits. Outlining major goals and strategies pertaining to education is essential if you will incorporate this method in your teaching. The use of media projects enhances the interest and engagement of students to learning. They are avenues where students are given opportunities to expand their creativity to no limit while learning the subject matter. Students, with the help of their teachers, can create online maps, info-graphics about concepts, slide shows about historic events, travelogue videos and instructional.


The stories from which students and students can choose for their media projects include breaking news, surprise-ending stories, trending topics, explanation narratives and counterintuitive descriptions among others.


Media projects can be done with the different purposes of informing, entertaining or persuading. You can mix any two or all three at any degree of concentration that you want. For example, you inform while persuading, entertain while informing or whatever. Take into consideration the type of story you want to tell with your media project and what purpose you have for the story.

News stories

Some media projects may have stories that require the students producing them to be on location. They need to be at the scene where the story takes place. These stories are usually those about the news, specifically breaking ones.

Counterintuitive stories

There are stories which debunk myths. They prove the wrong assumptions of people.

Surprising stories

Another type of story can be described as unexpected and memorable. They are very interesting that many will notice them and stop to watch or listen to them. They do not need to give an immediate effect on the audience but they really attract the attention of people.

Trend stories

Stories which require producers to assemble facts and look for patterns so that things can be better understood and interpreted and in a greater picture are called trends.

Explanatory stories

Stories that explain concepts so that their better understanding can be achieved by the audience fall under explanatory stories. Simply put, they are media adaptations of knowledge found in textbooks. Being so, they are education that come in the more interesting form.

Media types

The choice of media to use is crucial. There are stories which require or call for specific media types to be better facilitated. For example, you can include or exclude narration, background music, images, scenes or effects during selected parts of your video as the situation calls for. Depending on your story and your purpose, you can select from among video, slide shows, audio or maps.

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