How to become an IT trainer?

Are you great with people, with excellent IT skills and the ability to design and present course work? If so, you could consider becoming an IT trainer and earn a lucrative salary while transferring your knowledge to others.

IT trainers design and deliver courses on various software applications. These range from common desktop programs such as Microsoft Office or advanced technical areas, including programming and web design. IT trainers are essentially teachers who tend to work in colleges, universities and the training departments of large companies.

What skills and qualifications will I require?

IT trainers usually have a recognised IT qualification. However, this isn’t always essential if you have the right experience and can demonstrate specialist knowledge in a specific area.

In addition to qualifications, you will need to prove up-to-date knowledge of IT systems and software packages. You’ll need to be patient and confident with good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to break down complex concepts in a concise, easy to understand manner. You may be expected to travel to other locations, so it is advantageous to have a driving licence.

What could I teach?

IT trainers tend to focus on two areas: user skills and professional skills. User skills training involves teaching basic computer skills such as desktop applications or databases. Training for IT professionals tends to be more technical and involves teaching professionals new skills, such as programming languages or technical project management.

Training can be delivered in several ways, including presentations, lectures or virtual seminars. A large part of the job is spent behind the scenes, planning and developing training programmes. You will assess client need, prepare learning materials, set up the learning environment and produce hand-outs and other resources. Most trainers tend to specialise in a specific area. Marketing skills are also useful, particularly for contractors who will have to find their own clients.

Career opportunities

The industry is huge and there are a range of career options for competent IT trainers. Career prospects are good. If you are working for a large organisation it may be possible to move up and become a senior trainer or manager. If you are working for a training company, there could be an opportunity to take on a business development or account management role. It may also be possible to move a different area of training. To develop these skills, it may be necessary for you to enrol on a training course yourself, unless you are very proficient. There are many IT certifications available for specific programs, operating systems and technologies and taking a suitable course could help you develop your training career – for IT courses click here.

IT trainers are much in demand. The pay is generally good and there are good career prospects and opportunities for flexible working hours.

You can opt to work for a large organisation, training in-house staff or work for a small software company training clients as part of the sales package. You may decide to go into business yourself and enjoy the freedom of working as a contractor.

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