Top visual teaching strategies to win over your students’ attention

As we all know teaching is not an easy task. We have to attract students and make them concentrate on what teacher is teaching about. In olden days teacher just read up the textbook materials and students have to understand it and listen to it carefully. As the time changed the student’s mentality and their viewpoint about education and learning process also changed. Now we can’t apply the traditional method in the classroom. Instead of that, we have to apply new and innovative materials so that we can attract students and help them to concentrate on their studies and build up a bright future. Everything has changed because of the influence of technology. Technology has influenced and touched every field. Technology has brought a drastic change in every field, especially in the teaching field. In this modern world, the students also expect new learning and teaching aids from teachers. As we know parents always want to give best to their child so that she or he can achieve his dreams and live a successful life ahead. But in this competitive world students need extra knowledge so to give extra knowledge teacher should first process that knowledge.

Students have become more attracted to technological devices and visual elements in it. The teacher should apply such material and such technological devices in the classroom, so that teacher can attract the students. As our research shows that more than 90% of educational institutions use technological devices that are audio-visual aids in the classroom to make classroom more activate and to build a good rapport with the students. By using audio-visual aids teachers are able to enhance the learning ability of the students. More than those visual strategies are more used in the classroom because it gives real-life experience and makes a deep impact on students.

Use of storyboards

Storyboards are very useful to small class children. By showing different kind of animated storyboards and visuals teachers can attract the students and make them sit and listen to what she is saying. By showing illustrated pictures and visuals teacher can easily present her ideas and make it simplified. The teacher can present different kinds of expression and also arrange a small discussion on it. In such situations, students will show interest in participating in the discussion and will make teaching-learning process effective one.


A diagram is a tool which every teacher uses it. It very useful to show the idea of comparison and contrast. By seeing the diagram students will be able to understand the whole idea and can easily pick that idea in too deep. By showing the diagram teacher can ask questions and when students are able to answer the questions automatically it will increase their confidence level and they will be able to do that they also can answer questions. Such positive thoughts are really important and necessary.

Present powerful images

Use some pictures and show it to students. Picture may be related to your lesson. Use picture which evokes an emotional response and has a good rapport with the students discuss it and share their ideas. If they have personal experience related to that picture share it and discusses it. Ones you do such out of syllabus work students will like your way of behaviour and naturally they will concentrate on your subject. Sometimes a teacher you have talked out of syllabus topic at first they will not open up but when you show emotional related pictures they will surely share their feelings and will have a good communication. So it’s very important to have a good rapport with learners.

Use of mind maps

The biggest problem that a teacher faces in his or her teaching career is the short-term memory power of students. Some students are not able to remind the lessons and the important topics related to subjects. It was the biggest challenge for the teachers to increase student’s memory power which is really important in this modern competitive world. For that number of techniques is used in the classroom. In these techniques, the famous one is mind map. It’s a faster and better technique to improve memory power and also help to increase creative power of the students. Using images instead of lecturing on a particular topic, giving importance to visual effect rather than verbal effect. Using certain keywords instead of long equations and phrases. Or linking certain ideas with real-life experience these are some tricks of mind mapping to enhance the learning process of the students.

Use of models

Models are another kind of visual treats to the students. It gives them real-life experience and they can easily connect with the topic and understand the content easily. Models are generally used in science-related topics and it really helps the students to understand the subject and the deep meaning in that certain portions. Usually, teachers make use of models to make the teaching process more interesting.

To capture the student’s thoughts is the biggest challenge for any teacher. As an innovative process visual aids help to attract students and help them to make the teaching-learning process easy and flexible. It’s very important to maintain the ideas and thought. By using graphics, slides, models, movies in the classroom as a supplement to textbook really helps to make student creative and active. Visual aids are really a gift from technology. This helped to enhance the learning ability of the students and made their academic journey easier.

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