Top free online resources for students

College is an important period in a person’s life. However, some students have a hard time getting the right grades, focusing and keeping organized.

One of the best ways to do this is by using free online resources. These online resources contain a wide range of study and research materials that can help a student improve their grades and study habits. Even though many students know about the availability of these resources, the problem is that they do not understand which online learning aids to use.

There are several great online resources that people can use to do well in college. What is good about these resources is that they are free.

Digital History

Digital History is an online learning resource that can help students pass their college history courses. It provides access to publications and documents that are related to American history. It also includes multimedia files as well as unlimited access to court documents and papers.

At the same time, it features a learning portal that is an interactive and inquiry-based module designed to give college students the chance to do history. It also allows them to analyze primary sources and conduct research to draw their own conclusions.

Aside from that, it has virtual historical exhibitions such as Lincoln’s America, Calhoun School and America’s Construction after the Civil War. This allows students to dig deep into topics and thoroughly understand what was going on during that period.


Infomine is a virtual library of online resources that are relevant to students at the university level. It contains a wide range of useful Internet resources that include electronic books and journals, mailing lists, bulletin boards, databases, online library catalogues, directories of researchers, articles and many other kinds of information.

Project Muse

Project Muse is an online database of 20,000 electronic books and more than 500 peer-reviewed academic journals. It provides college students access to social science and digital humanities content from nearly 200 scholarly societies and university presses around the world.

This website is ultimately geared specifically for students working on a humanities research project. At the same time, this website is user friendly as all content is fully researchable by topic or keyword.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an online learning resource that features 39,000 published titles and free ebooks. These titles have been digitized for online research and reading. The majority of these are works of literature from the Western cultural tradition.

Aside from containing a large number of literature works such as dramas, short stories and novels, it also has a vast collection of periodical issues, reference works and cook books. At the same time, it has some non-text items such as music notation files and audio files.

What is unique about this service is that all files are placed in HTML format. It allows college students to include illustrations and markups in their papers. Additionally, the majority of learning materials found on this website are old enough that their copyright has expired. This makes this website very useful for literature students.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress online learning resource houses a wide digital collection of periodicals and books. Curriculum developments help students and teachers alike benefit from the large online collection. Additionally, it features a MyLOC page that is not found on other online learning websites.

This page provides students with many useful types of resources found on the website. It also allows students to organize and create bookmarks that allow them to get back to these sources later. This makes it easy for students who are doing research to add additional material to their term papers.

It also allows students to search by type of publication or topic. The Library of Congress website also gives students access to primary sources that include historically important literature and relevant government documents. The Ask a Librarian feature can be very useful for a student who is looking for a particular type of document.

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