Everything you need to know about online college accreditation

As the job market continues to become more competitive, additional degrees beyond college are not just required to become a doctor or lawyer anymore. Unexpected careers, such as an ice cream taster, now have requirements that individuals have a master’s degree. The majority of open positions are now for individuals who have at least been educated at the collegiate level. Those who want to enter one of the following careers may find that they need to hit the books before landing a position.

A career as an ice cream taster may sound like a job that anyone can do, but the educational requirements for this position reveal otherwise. To pursue this career and satisfy your taste buds, you will need to have at least a master’s degree in food science. The estimated cost of a master’s degree in food science is about $20,800, and the estimated salary for this position is about $56,000 a year.

Another career that requires an advanced education is that of a librarian. To become a librarian, one must possess far more than a passion for books and reading. While being interested in books may certainly help one enjoy all that this career has to offer, it is also important for one to have a master of library sciences degree. Librarians are now expected to participate in improving information systems, and this often requires very technical knowledge. A librarian may be called upon to help develop a computer-based system for checking out books. He or she may also need to work with IT professionals to improve a library card system.

Perhaps you have always dreamed about being a sports camp counselor. To become a Christian sports camp counselor, you will be expected to have a master of divinity with sports ministry certificate. To become a puppeteer, you will need to invest $59,000 to receive your master of arts in puppetry. You should know that the average salary of a puppeteer is about $28,000.

Before you embark on the process of applying for jobs that may seem to be like fun careers, you may want to do your homework and see what degrees are required. Things are rarely as they seem, and you may need to have an advanced education to pursue certain careers that are considered unusual.


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