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A mentor can help many people of many ages with just about any subject one needs help with.  Getting direction is something that we all need from time to time.  Though many would associate a mentor program with young individuals, utilizing a mentor can help any person of any age, especially when starting something new or coming back to something that you haven’t been doing for a long time.  Getting a mentor can be the difference between success and failure in many cases.  It is important to have a mentor that has expertise into what you’re facing as it is typical that such a person can be of the most benefit to you.  How do you find a mentor?  How do you know that this person is experienced in what it is you need guidance in?  These types of questions and drawbacks can throw people off of getting the help that they need.  A person to person mentor is not easy to get when you’re dealing with specific issues that require specific direction, especially for an adult.  There is, however, and alternative method of finding a mentor that’s easy, effective, and in most cases, free.  Online!

A quick history of online mentoring

E-mentoring started in the early 1990’s.  It did not just involve online interactions, but also entailed over the phone communication.  Over time more and more people began to use the Internet.  Due to this, while phone communication is still used, it’s nowhere near as much in practice as online mentoring.  Today there are thousands of companies and organizations that are only in existence to help others, mainly younger people, with their guidance and direction needs.  This is not something that is only for the younger generations however.  There are many adults who have utilized these mentoring programs and it has been to their benefit.

How to find an online mentor?

Finding an online mentor is as easy as typing your needs in the search bar.  Granted, you will need to find the best program that fits your needs and that you feel you can trust.  This, however, is not as difficult as it sounds.  In your search you will find many websites and non-profit organizations that have many vetted individuals in a great number of fields that can help you.  You have the control to decide who you think the best person is.  Some websites have a questionnaire that you fill out.  When this questionnaire is complete, the site will match you with the best people they have to help you.  The most important thing to remember is this: you are in control to figure out the best way the organization can help you.  For a lot of the programs out there, being available to help is the only reason they’re doing what they’re doing.

There are some questions you need to answer for yourself that will help you in your quest in seeking guidance.  Here are a few:

  • What is the area I need help in?
  • In what direction do I wish to go?
  • What type of person do I think can help me?
  • Do I need motivation or direction?  Do I need both?
  • Am I ready to do what’s necessary to accomplish my goals?

Answering these types of questions for yourself will help you in determining the direction you wish to travel when selecting the mentor for yourself.

Why the mentors can help you?

Many of the mentors you will find are not doing this for money.  They are successful people who simply wish to help others succeed.  Their education and/or experience are gathered beforehand and they will typically be matched to a person needing their specific expertise.  While it is true that this can be found outside of the Internet, I must reiterate that it is not as easy to do.  Online, the help you need is at the touch of a button or a simple search.  With that search you will come upon many different organizations with many professional people willing to give you all the help you need.  You no longer need to feel as if you’re in over your head or lost and in search for answers on your own.  If you allow these organizations to help you, they will.  You’d be surprised at how much these mentors can help and at how eager they are to do so.

The writer of the article,Kevin Austin, who is taking Creative Mentors Training from a reputed organization in Australia. After taking this training, he will join as a Mentor in an online software company.


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