Career options after hotel management courses

Hotel management mainly refers to the management and coordination between a guest and the host, wherein the host is usually a hotel, resort or restaurant. Many a times, a major part of a country’s earnings are contributed by its hospitality and tourism sector, which includes the hotel industry. If you are seeking to join this dynamic industry, then it would be wiser to acquire formal education before you venture into this field. The following article will give you a background about the hotel management industry, courses in hotel management and the various job opportunities that will be available afterwards. Let us take a look.

About hotel management
The rapid growth in the tourism industry around the world has created a wide scope of employment opportunities in this sphere. With this, the demand for accommodation is rising, leading to traction in the hotel industry. As the need for hotels and their services is increasing, so is the demand for skilled professionals. Hotel management career can be lucrative as they offer a plethora of job options. However, before you join the industry it is vital for you to have the proper knowledge of it. This is only possible through a comprehensive hotel management program.
Hotel management courses
There are a certain set of requirements of the hotel industry and one has to adapt to be able to adjust comfortably to them in order to perform on a regular basis. Those aspirants who wish to enter this sector must first take admission to one of the many recognized hotel management colleges. Studying hotel management from an accredited and respectable hotel management institute will allow you to learn the industry ropes through theoretical education and also gain practical experience. Many of these reputed colleges also provide a great platform for placements as popular hotel chains often come for campus recrutement.

Hotel management courses teach students the appropriate skills and capabilities to please the guests with polite and prompt service. Candidates seeking to build a career in this realm must understand that an outgoing personality will help you to develop high interaction levels with your guests and co-workers.

You also require tactful organizational abilities with administrative knowledge and co-ordination. A level-headed temperament along with a pleasing personality is the ideal combination for a career in hotel management.

A hotel management program generally spans over for a period of three years, after which you may choose to work for others or can pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

Career opportunities
After completing your education in hotel management, you may work in any one of the several segments such as front desk, food and beverage, sales and marketing, corporate communication or housekeeping. The growth opportunities in all departments are equally good and you can expect higher salary package as you keeping gaining experience.

The following are a few areas where hotel management graduates can work and build a successful career.

1. Hotels
One of the most common and popular areas of work after a course in hospitality, hotels can offer jobs across a diverse range of categories. The job opportunities at hotel chains and resorts include positions with the Front Office, Food Production, Housekeeping and Catering Services departments. This will be based on your skills, specialty and interest.

The initial starting salary of a beginner ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 a month. You can even start as a Management Trainee with Rs. 20,000 as stipend. Once the training gets over, you may work as a manager with a lucrative pay package. Your career as hotel manager may require you to devote extra working hours or work during odd shift timings, but it can be highly rewarding when it comes to pay and perks. Assistant managers can be paid up to Rs. 30,000. If you happen to join from the basic level with a menial salary, don’t fret as within a year you can be promoted to a supervisory level with an increase in their remuneration. If hotels are too huge an option, you can even consider working for famous restaurant chains and franchisees.

2. Airline Industry
The aviation industry is another good career option for hotel management students. You can join the airlines as a Flight Steward or an Air Hostess. You also have the option of exploring jobs as Public Relationship officers and ground staff. The workforce is first supposed to undergo formal training program before they start working as employees. The pay offered is around Rs. 25,000 for domestic airlines and Rs. 50,000 for international airlines. Cruise lines also attract many aspiring students with handsome packages that may go up to Rs. 70,000, depending on the experience.

3. Retail
The retail industry has a vast range of jobs available for hotel management students. The work opportunities are ample and can be found in large numbers at malls and back offices. You can also explore the options of managing the reception or front desk at hospitals, corporate offices and BPO sector. The posts include Sales and Marketing Manager, Guest Services Manager, Human Resources Manager, Reservations Manager, Front Desk Manager and Convention Manager.

4. Teaching
Teaching is a great option for those who like to work under set timings. You may join as a teacher at one of the private colleges or IHMs after at least a year’s experience, depending upon the requirement and academic performance of the institute. Initially, you can join as an assistant lecturer and within a couple of years of teaching you can apply to teach as a lecturer. The offered pay begins with Rs. 10,000 in the beginning and goes up to Rs. 30,000. However, the salary can differ from one organization to another, also depending on whether the institute is government or private.

5. Entrepreneur
The most alluring of all options, setting up your own business is not only a profitable but also a highly satisfying career decision. You may also work as a consultant for establishing restaurants and hotels.

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