Continuing your education at a Theological Seminary

I graduated from high school a few years ago. I meant to go straight on to college, but you know how things are. I got a job, and things came up, and it seemed like it was never the right time to go back. I’m finally taking the time to resume my studies, and I’ve found that it can be hard to get back into it once you’ve been out for a while. I’ve always been interested in psychology, but I also wanted to focus on my faith, and so I’ve decided to go to school for Christian Counseling. I looked into counseling programs at some of the non-affiliated universities in the area, but I really want a school that has the same values that I do, and so I think I’ve settled on a theological seminary.

What does a theological seminary offer?

These schools offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Christian Ministry & Psychology and Biblical Studies & Psychology, either of which will prepare me for entry into a Master of Arts in Counseling degree program and an eventual career in Christian Counseling. These double major programs focus not only on a foundational core of the Bible and theology, but also teach general education and professional skills, covering foundational subjects for well-educated students, as well as lifetime skills for effective service in professional fields and in everyday life. It sounds like exactly what I’m looking for!

The campus is conveniently located near downtown Kansas City. Plus, the campus is just north of downtown Kansas City. I can take the bus to and from campus from my apartment, and, what’s even better for someone on a tight budget like myself, this particular theological seminary offers online classes.

Many of the seminaries and affiliated colleges that I looked into around the area were just getting started on online education programs, offering just a tiny handful of classes, or classes from professors that I would never get to actually meet in person. But, my school offers a robust package of online class options, with a proven and tested system designed to help students just like me.

Better yet, the professors are more than just names in my inbox. They make phone calls, send handwritten notes through the mail, have office hours, and in general are just real people who I can meet and talk to. That’s especially important in a field like counseling, where getting to know people is really at the heart of what we’re studying to do.

If you are thinking about continuing your education, it’s important to make an informed decision on what school to attend.

I’ve looked into a lot of universities over the last few years as I prepared to come back to school to continue my education, and I think that the theological seminary I chose is the one for me.

If you’re thinking of continuing your own education—be it fresh out of high school, or years down the road—give them a call or stop by their website and see if maybe they’re the school for you, as well, and I’ll see you on campus!

About the Author:

Eddie went to Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he enjoys writing about his educational experiences.

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