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Students’ finance: what parents think vs. what students do

NatWest via Save The Student has created an interesting comparative infographic about students’ financing. It shows what parents think they know about what their children’s  spending at the university.    

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The cost of not knowing

There is no doubt that choosing the right career can be complicated and lengthy process, that has a huge impact on happiness and more that that. The below infographics can help you provide guidance if you are unsure, help you save some money on the college education in the process, by wasting time on unneeded […]

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The Best college Majors for the undecided ones

You might not be surprised to hear that there are nearly 80% of students entering college, and not being quite sure what they want to study. If you are in this group or know someone who belongs in it, here are some great majors to consider, when not sure which career to choose. by VisualApogee. […]

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Students’ experience online

Online education being in its rise, has established new ways of behaviours of the students themselves. You can have a look at how prospective and current student use and interact with their higher education institution’s website in the infographics below: a Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – […]

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How to get your scholarship?

If you need money to continue your studies, then you need “The Ultimate SlugBooks Guide to Earning a Scholarship” infographic! Go through the images below for helpful tips helping you to find scholarships and awards to apply for, how to prepare your applications correctly, how to avoid common mistakes and at the end find the […]

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