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Top 8 React Component Libraries Worth Trying in 2022

Facebook created ReactJS in 2013. With various advantages like massive community support, constant development, etc., ReactJS is the favorite technology amongst developers. Despite all these advantages, the one reason behind the growth of React is its libraries. Using ReactJS libraries, developers are building interactive UIs. Here’s the list of 20+ React Component Libraries for building interactive web apps.

These simple-to-use frameworks help developers create stunning user interfaces for online, desktop, and hybrid apps. The several React JS component libraries that are outstanding in terms of the user interface, design framework, components, utilities, layout, and animations are described in this article.

In the following sections, we’ll examine each React UI framework’s many features and usability so you can choose the best for your development requirements. Let’s begin!

Best React Component Libraries


1# Material UI

First and foremost, Material UI (MUI) is a fantastic React UI framework with a variety of pre-built components and themes. It features pre-built sliders, navigational tools, and drop-down menus, so you don’t have to waste any time creating your own. Moreover, each component is entirely customizable and fulfills current criteria.

Furthermore, MUI includes powerful theming capabilities. You can use Google’s Material Design system and CSS tools to further customize your code. You may control the style and component used from the same interface with any of these tools.

These capabilities are intended to speed up app development and allow for complete customization. Furthermore, they make the UI design-friendly.

One disadvantage of utilizing MUI is that part of its instructions is not prepared for absolute beginners. You’ll need basic development knowledge to get the most out of this React UI framework.

Furthermore, the documentation frequently falls behind with all of the interface improvements.

In general, we do not suggest MUI to newcomers. However, if you want an extensive library of components and nearly limitless customization choices, you might like this UI framework.

2# Ant Design

As a design framework for enterprise-level products, Ant design ranks among the best react component libraries.

Ant Design features a 50-component collection that provides a complete and versatile design. You can consider creating and creating a full-sized project as part of Ant Design, which is the proper React component library for an application.

There are clearly crucial and frequently used Ant Design components that set it apart. There are numerous components such as a date picker, button, dropdown, icon, and others. Ant Design is used by 115 firms, including Kaidee, QRPoint, and Evooq.

When it comes to AntD components, it offers a collection of more than 50. They also encourage using third-party React libraries outside of the Ant Design definition, such as the React Hooks Library or React JSON View.

Ant Design Pro is included with templates, components, and a design kit. Packages are intended for data visualization, mobile, and graphic solutions, while Ant Design Pro allows developers to begin with a package based on a business use case.

4# React Bootstrap

React-Bootstrap is one of the earliest React UI component libraries, with 605,000+ projects using it on GitHub.

In a word, it’s a complete rebuild of the famous frontend toolkit Bootstrap in React. The library is made up of ready-built adaptive and usable components. Every design aspect is also very adjustable.

React-Bootstrap can be used to build user interfaces, websites, and apps. The library is composed of 59.4 percent JavaScript, 38.3 percent TypeScript, and 2.3 percent SCSS, and the most current release is compatible with Bootstrap 5.1.

One significant advantage of adopting React-Bootstrap is that it is compatible with the thousands of Bootstrap themes available. It is also a beginner-friendly library due to its thorough documentation.

Furthermore, as compared to comparable frameworks such as MUI or Ant Design, React-Bootstrap offers a little smaller set of components.

Finally, the popularity of React-Bootstrap indicates that it is an excellent solution for a wide range of development projects. If you’re already familiar with Bootstrap, using React-Bootstrap may feel natural.

5# Chakra UI

Chakra UI provides more flexible, accessible, and straightforward user interface components for app development. The components are also accessible and adhere to the WAI-ARIA guidelines.

One can personalize the components to fulfill the design parameters. To keep it famous, you will have both a bright and dark user interface, themes, and 49 components such as inputs, icons, and tooltips.

The components are precisely developed with the arrangement in mind. You can simply proceed with the development of new components as rapidly as possible. The community is indeed quite active, so you will receive any assistance you require whenever you get confused.

6# Blueprint

Palantir, a US-based technology business that specializes in big data analytics created Blueprint, a React UI toolkit. Their React package includes over forty components that are specifically tuned for complicated data-dense layouts for desktop software.

Blueprint is written in TypeScript, as are the code examples in their documentation. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge are all supported by the library.

Anything older than IE10 is unsupported owing to a lack of CSS Flexbox Layout support. The Blueprint includes light and dark mode themes as well as design features that may be customized, such as classes, color schemes, and typography.

Blueprint, on the other hand, includes considerable information. It does, however, lack community support. The Blueprint GitHub repo appears to be active for reporting bugs and accepting assistance from contributors.

7# Headless UI

Tailwind Labs developed Headless UI as a set of unstyled, readily accessible UI components which work in tandem with Tailwind CSS. The most excellent React frameworks for react apps are provided by Headless UI.

Tailwind CSS is further enhanced by Headless UI, which gives the complete most OK React UI framework with the most excellent React components. Tailwind CSS, which is provided out-of-the-box to match your specific requirements, could be used to design them.

Toggle Switch, Modal, and Autocomplete are all popular Headless UI components. Each part includes a simple example, styling guidelines for each portion, and directions for changing it to your specifications. It also got a whole API for transitions and accessibility data.

8# Fluent UI

Fluent UI- a Microsoft-based user interface that may be used to create cross-platform apps. Even though many programmers use the interface for Microsoft apps, Fluent with React can also be used for other projects. The framework includes an extensive component library, which includes essential inputs, menus, and notifications.

These components are also simple to insert and provide default stylistic settings that meet the majority of requirements. Furthermore, you may easily change these components for your project.

Fluent UI uses an easy-to-use system that applies CSS to each component.

As a result, changing an element does not affect your overall style. Depending on your application requirements, this feature may be advantageous or disadvantageous.

Furthermore, Fluent, like MUI, lacks thorough documentation. Although tutorials cover the fundamentals, they frequently assume developers’ skill levels. As a result, if you’re new to programming, you might not appreciate utilizing this interface framework.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a beginner in the development field or an experienced React developer, the react component libraries mentioned here will assist you. The components of these libraries will make building different layouts easy for the application. So, use them and let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts or suggestions.

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