Songs for Spanish and Classical Guitar

Songs for Spanish and Classical Guitar

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Are you a guitarist who wants to improve your repertoire, or are you just starting out and looking for some songs to learn? Do you like improvising against backing tracks with the help of chord charts and scale maps? Songs for Spanish and Classical Guitar offers 17 guitar technique exercises and 25 songs to learn in the form of a book and video lessons. The songs are at different levels, although this aimed for an intermediate guitarist, you can learn many of the songs as a beginner, and you can learn how to read TAB and rhythm from the beginning of the course. So. What can you learn?25 Christmas/festive songs; Spanish and classical titles; and traditional songs from Europe and the Americas.17 guitar technique exercises to improve your arpeggio, picado, and reach on the guitar. Some songs are written for two guitars and they will have backing tracks at two different speeds, scale maps and chord charts. You can play your own melodies besides what is written in the score! And. How can you learn it?The songs and exercises are presented in traditional musical notation and TAB. If the song is written for two guitars, the chords for the backing track are written at the top of each bar and the chord charts are displayed at the end of the score. In addition, left-hand fingering is shown for each song, and when it is not obvious right hand fingering is included as well. Lastly. What are the songs?Festive Songs: Silent Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas (solo and duo versions), Jingle Bells, Auld Lang Syne, Happy Birthday (solo and duo versions).Spanish and Classical Songs: Eight Drops of Life (Barre Study), Camino (Arpeeggio Study), Ophelia Storm (Rumba), The Castle (Rumba), Rain (Classical Study), Journey (Spanish Guitar Song with Backing Track), Bluebird (Classical Guitar Song with Backing Track), Blue Balloons (Classical Guitar Song with Backing Track).Traditional Songs: Greensleeves (UK), Ten Penny Bit (IE), Bella Ciao (IT), Spanish Romance (ES), Cielito Lindo (MX), La Cucaracha (MX), La Bamba (MX), La Cumparsita (UY), Tico-Tico (BR), Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt (HU)The following songs include a backing track in two different speeds: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Journey, Bluebird, Blue Balloons, Ten Penny Bit, La Cucaracha, La Bamba, Tico-Tico. What is included with each of the lessons?TABs with music sheet, left and right hand fingering, and chord charts. The first few lessons are music theory, so if you cannot read music or TAB, you can learn it there so no previous knowledge needed to do this course. MP3 files and videos, backing tracks at practice speed and full speed. This course is a result of a successful KickStarter campaign in the end of 2020, where 300 people supported the project. In addition all the audio files are recorded in a studio with professional quality, as well as the videos made by cinematographers so you have the best experience learning the songs. Start or continue your guitar journey with Songs for Spanish and Classical Guitar!

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