Financial Education Application: Learn to Trade Derivatives

Financial Education Application: Learn to Trade Derivatives

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Here Is A Course on Financial Education From A Very Practical Perspective of entering the financial market to experience its surprises, as you will see in Lecture 15 of Section 3 which gives you a complete idea of what Robert Kiyosaki meant by being “Done With Stocks.” Saying: Im Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the #1 best-selling personal finance book of ALL TIMEAnd Ive Just declared that Im DONE with stocks. And for good reason. The market is more volatile than ever, any gains are minimal, and experts agree that a crash could happen at any second. So Ive uncovered a whole new way to make money without plainly buying stock sharesAnd the only way youre going to get the chance to learn how you could make enormous profits outside the world of stock investing is by seeing the new financial surprise of the financial market. And Jim who co created this new financial market surprising strategy for trading indexes to make $1000s in weekly profit would later explain this strategy in details as you would learn in the main content of Lecture 15. An extract of Jim’s explanation could be seen below: Jim: Sure, remember when I talked about the guessing what the weather will be here in Scottsdale next week?If the historical average this time of the year is 75 degreesIts very unlikely that the temperature will be higher than 100 degrees or lower than 20 degrees. So Im willing to bet money that the temperature will stay inside that range, between 100 and 20 degrees. Thats what were doing with indexes. We look at historical data of market prices and normal volatilityAnd were trying to find the optimal range.A cash flow zone thats wide enough that it will be very likely youll get paid. Now, this is a very simplified version of the mechanism we use. This stuff can get complicated behind the scenes. Theres a ton of math involved. The good news is we have computers that do all the calculations for us. For example, the pros on Wall Street use this formula to determine the parameters that go into the cash flow zone: The geniuses who came up with this formula. Myron Scholes and Robert Merton even won a Nobel prize in Economic Sciences for their work. Heres where this story gets interestingMyron Scholes used to be my partner at Long Term Capital Management. So, Im very familiar with this formula.I spoke to him almost every day for six years so I worked closely with the man who literally wrote the formula. Using this formula, you can actually calculate the probability youll make money. But dont worry the computer will do all the calculation for you. And you can actually see the probability of profit on your screen when you open the trade. Here let me show you how it looks on my computerSo, when I set up these cash flow trades, Im looking at trades that give me at least an 80% chance of success. Thats the bare minimum I look for. And this is really it.I mean, I could spend hours here teaching this stuff but I dont want to bore you to the death with all the math details. Heres what you really need to knowYou just place a simple trade once a weekThen if the trade ends up in the cash flow zone, you can get paid $1,000s.Isn’t it surprising to learn a strategy for trading the financial market with high probability of weekly profitability as you’ve seen in the brief discussion by Jim from the extract above?The financial market is full of surprises which you could take advantage of to make big time profits as a trader than most people are able to make from other markets, because the financial market is the world’s largest market. See a brief of the kind of surprises Jim, Brian and Robert were discussing as you will learn about in details in lecture 15. It is a highly profitable strategic way to trade indexes with higher win probability rate of 80-90% where ordinarily individual stocks trading market volatility would have caused you a big loss within a week’s trading timeframe. In fact, in this financial education application course you’re going to learn how to safely trade the financial market with overall understanding of the safest ways and times to trade one financial market or the other. You could then apply the knowledge in taking real trades in any markets where your learnt strategy will guarantee lesser risk of loss and higher probability of profit, such as not trading options but trading futures and knowing when to switch between options and futures contracts as a derivative market trader. Or switching between Forex trade and stocks trade when you are looking to compound your interest faster. And, or switching between trading indexes and trading individual stocks when you want to profit off very low volatility in the financial market. Thus, this is the kind of financial market education you need to be able to compound your interest by trading the financial market more knowledgeably than the average person trading one financial market without knowledge of the other. The brief discussion below is an extract from lecture 15 of this course that features a surprising strategy for netting h

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